Monday, 12 January 2015

Empties: Make up, skincare and more

Getting slightly overwhelmed by all the empties in my bedroom at the moment, so desperately needed to do a post. I love reading and watching youtube videos on these, enjoy.

Dr Organic Pomegranate Toothpaste
Yep, fruit flavoured toothpaste people. I went through an organic stage earlier in 2014 and tried this out. It's very lightly flavoured and has mint too. I really liked it and would definitely buy again.

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter
All of the soap and glory body butters are amazing. Love, love, love the scents!

Boots Nail Polish Remover Pads
I liked these. I don't think they are the best ever like compared to the Bourjois ones, but they are cheap and perfect to pack in your bag for when you're travelling.

Nivea Powerfruit refresh body wash
I don't really get excited about body wash. Who does? This however, smells so good. So much so, I genuinely thought I need to repurchase it. I think it's always on £1 offers too, even better.

Lancome Bi-Facil
This removes eye makeup really well, especially if you have a smokey number on the go. It's really oily though and not the kind that disappears very well. I probably wouldn't repurchase.

Sanctuary Creme Souffle
Confession? I am a really lazy moisturiser. It pleases me more than you can imagine that I actually finish body butters. The Sanctuary products are a real treat and I loved the souffle style of this one.

17 BB Balm
Always got one of these in my stash, perfect for the summer months. Still has good coverage and doesn't break me out or get oily.

MeMeMe Fat Cat Mascara
I haven't used any other MeMeMe products (that I can remember), but I was impressed with this mascara and would be interested to try more products from the range. Have you used any that you'd recommend?

Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara
I don't rate this mascara at all. It gave my eyelashes length, but seems to make them stick forward and very straight.

Rimmel Scandal eyes Mascara
This Rimmel mascara on the other hand was good. Other than the Wonderfull one I think Rimmel have a great affordable range.

2True Liquid eyeliner
Repurchased a million times. If you like liquid liner, try it as it's super cheap and easy to use. I'm using a 17 one at the moment and it's nowhere near as good.

Mac Prep+Prime
I have a fairly oily t-zone, so a primer (especially, on a night out) is a must if I want my makeup to last. One of my friends got me this as a gift and it's great, lightweight with a silky finish.

Mac Mineralise concealer 
Another Mac product bites the dust. I have a real love-hate relationship with concealer and yet to find my perfect one. This one is good and probably top of my list out of all the empties in this post. I'm looking to try the Nars creamy concealer or Clinique one next.

Collection Concealer 
I really like this on blemishes, but not really for under the eyes or around the nose area as it's a but drying. It's probably one I'll always have in my collection though.

Rimmel Wake me up concealer 
This concealer worked better under the eyes, but not really on blemishes as it's much lighter in consistency. I feel like I'm having concealer drama...

Soap & Glory It's about Prime eyeshadow primer
I've already reviewed this over here, alongside some of my other fav Soap&Glory makeup products, so check that post out if you're thinking of getting some.

Rimmel Wake me up Foundation 
I like this, especially in the summer months. It's always really hard to find the right colour though as they sell out quickly and the range is quite limited.

Hugo Boss Jour Perfume
This is gorgeous. It's a floral fruity fragrance, super feminine. 

Burberry Body Perfume
I just got a mini 'My Burberry' perfume and can't recommend the Burberry perfume range more. The fragrances are really fresh and sophisticated.

We made it! Please leave your links below to empties posts or concealer recommendations to help with my #concealerdramz

Thursday, 1 January 2015


Day 1 of 2015 started off pretty rock & roll. Just kidding, I ended up getting the dreaded flu type cold and am currently looking drop dead gorgeous (minus the gorgeous).

Looking back, that's what we all do right? In last years post I decided I was going to stay hungry, exercise and see more. I accomplished that to about 85%, falling short on the exercise front mainly. Here's what I'm focusing on for the hopefully glorious 2015...

Learn a new language
I've always wanted to speak more than one language and my shaky German GCSE is not really cutting it. My grandparents live in Spain and I've just never motivated myself enough. This is the year. I'm booking some lessons and hopefully will be able to tick this off the bucket list by this time next year.

Get at least one ab
I only want at least one ab, is that too much to ask? I go through real phases with fitness regimes where I'm super into it and then I'm lazy for weeks on end. I'm hoping to find something I'm really into and actually get some abs by the time I'm 25 #Mid20sCrisis

Stick to a routine
Currently, I wake, snooze, wake, snooze, wake, run around, forget something, run some more and jump into my seat at work and start typing. Please tell me you do this too? Having a real routine sounds like bliss. You know those people that do a morning workout, eat some berries and think about life before they casually get to work? I'm hoping that will be me. Wish me luck.

Happy new year all! 

Monday, 29 December 2014

What I got for Christmas

Can't believe 2015 is upon us. Time definitely goes quicker when you get older and not to get deep, but the older I get the more I realise how something can suddenly just be a moment or blip in the grand scheme of it all #ShitJustGotReal

Whilst we wave goodbye to two-kay-fourteen, here's a sneak peek into what I got for Christmas this year. I was totally spoilt and got tons of gifts, so thought I'd just mention the beauty ones else we would be here all day.

Naked Flushed Palette - Love this! My brother gave me a replacement for my current one. Bro points.
Dior Addict Mascara - This is amazing, super long fluttery lashes and it feels very luxe.
Dior Nail Polish (limited edition) - Oh my gawd, this packaging. Heaven. Haven't used it yet, but will report back.
Dior Hydra Life Pro-Youth Cream - Dior face creams are so luxurious. I'm not sure if it's just the packaging and the brand, but there is something about expensive face creams that draw us all in. I got this cute little sample, so currently trying to squeeze every last bit out.
Pure Moisture Mask - I was really excited when I saw these Pure products in my stocking. I've used the hot cloth cleanser before and been really impressed. They are all natural and so affordable. Plus, made in the UK. Well done M&S.
Pure Hand Cream - Again, I'm so chuffed to have my hands on these products. Geddit? Hands...
First Aid Beauty gift set - Been using this so much, the exfoliator pads and cream are becoming real favourites.

The Body Shop Hand Cream - Love these hand creams, especially as they aren't gigantic tubes.
The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter - These are great. You have to keep watch they don't leave a residue of lip butter in a line on your lips though. Not a good look!
This Works Dream Team - Use these all the time, perfect for anyone who can't sleep.
Urban Outfitters Nail Polish - Haven't used this yet, but its a beautiful metallic purple, very wintery.
Kate Moss Lipstick - I really like the Rimmel lipsticks. If you're just starting out your makeup collection or strapped for cash, these are a great little treat (more bro points here too!).
The Herbs Moisturiser - I think this is from TKMaxx. I'm a lazy moisturiser, so having a big pump means for some reason I do it more often. I'd recommend TKMaxx if you're not too fussed about which on you get.
Lush Snow Angel Bath Melt - This smells amazing. I don't normally buy lush products as I'm not a huge bath lover and the shop gives me a bit of a headache after a while! However, I think I might get converted...
Calvin Klein Reveal Perfume - Salt, Pink Pepper, Black Pepper, White PepperLush are the top notes in this perfume apparently. It's like 'sexy skin', either way it's worth a spritz.

Hope you all had a great Christmas with your family and friends. I'm starting 2015 a stone heavier and with no regrets. Let me know in the comments how you'll kick off the next adventure.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

For the one who can't sleep

For the one who can't sleep

Shopping for gifts over the festive season can be a challenge. There are so many factors to consider beyond the persons likes and interests, like budget, style, what they already own, what other people are getting them...the list goes on. 

I personally find it easier to think about the type of person I'm buying for and my tip would be to force yourself to think of the top 5 things they love to do/use/eat/see etc. Once you've done that, you can look for gifts that fall into that category. 

If it all sounds a bit daunting, have no fear as I will be putting together some gift guides for you, starting with 'the one who can't sleep'. We all know one. Here's what they need:

One of the reasons we get a bad night's sleep is because we just don't get ourselves comfy enough. Ill-fitting pj's, not enough blankets and a dodgy mattress are top culprits. Of course, you aren't going to buy your mate a new mattress (are you?) and pj's can very much be a personal taste type item. However, an eye mask and/or some slippers can make for a cosier transition into a blissful sleep and a super cute gift. 

"It's just so not zen enough." said nobody, ever. Maybe they should of though, because the right environment can get both your body and mind into the zone. Having a tidy clean space (the dream) where you can light your favourite candle or spray a spa-like scent on your pillow is just perfect. These are also inexpensive, but luxe gifts that you don't think to buy yourself. 

If you're not relaxed, no amount of ylang-ylang scented anything is getting you off to dreamland. A great way to clear your mind is to relax your body first. Having a hot shower or bath, a chilled skincare routine or some light exercise can really help (again, the dream). The Body Shop have some equally delicious options to square up to any higher end products. 

Another great gift, is a notebook. If you're stressed, physically writing down your to-do lists or whatever mental dream you're having really helps remove it from your busy mind. Stationary for the win. 

When all else fails...
Fake it. Drink loads of water, apply lots of eye cream and wear sunglasses indoors like a celebrity. 

Hope you liked this gift guide, let me know in the comments if you have any 'types' you would like to see covered in a post.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Brighton, a Choc-oma & a Sausage dog

That is the name of my new book. I joke. Here's what I've been up to recently. Grab a cuppa because there are quite a lot of pictures.

I went to Brighton! Which I have never been to, I know controversial. There was shopping, eating, drinking, sightseeing and we even squeezed in a trip to see Interstellar.

Amazing breakfast from Cafe Coho, which I can't recommend enough. I would also hugely recommend Curry Leaf Cafe which was hard to get a table at (be warned), but incredible Indian street food, unique beers and ales and the best staff.

I might have treated myself....

I also took a break from London for some real air up in the Forest of Dean to see some friends. One of which has a little puppy sausage dog called Lola. If you haven't been to the forest, you must. Stunning.

She's so tiny, it was genuinely hard to get her in a picture where she's visible!

And then because I clearly don't treat myself enough (cough, cough), here are some notable indulgences you should try if in London. The first? An overpriced, yet glorious doughnut. It was £2.40, but injected with 7 (approx, might be more) lots of real Belgian chocolate. Say what. You can find these bad boys (loads of flavours) in Piccadilly Circus tube station. Avert your eyes if on a diet.

7 injections of Belgian chocolate are enough right? No, way. I've also been to Said Chocolate which is a chocolate shop/maker and cafe. I had a large milk hot chocolate with cinnamon and whipped cream. Tips? You don't need a large. Choc-oma will proceed, so write off your afternoon.

This time of year just gets so crazy and all I keep saying is 'How is it almost Christmas?' What have you all been up to?

"I'm not afraid of death I'm afraid of time." Interstellar

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Spirit of Christmas

It's November, but I'm one of those people. When my friend told me she had tickets for Spirit of Christmas at Olympia I was like urm...yes. It's basically a Christmas fair with loads of stalls of gifts, christmas decorations, food and general Christmassy goodness. I thought I'd share some pics to force you all into the spirit too.

Honestly, if only you could smell that candle and all the Christmas spice from the orange zest. Heaven. There were some lovely stalls with show discounts like 20% off Green & Spring. I managed to tick a few people of the list and get myself a few presents like that incredible Swarovski crystal print from Counting Stars.

Are you getting up to anything Christmassy soon?

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