Monday, 17 June 2013

The Summer Edit: Bikini's

As I will be heading off on holiday at the end of the week I thought it was the perfect time to run through the summer essentials and well non-essentials I have been purchasing in preparation. I'm going to split it into sections so it doesn't become one long post, starting with bikinis!

I have three new bikinis for my holidays this year...

This bikini is pretty simple and doesn't really look like much flung on my decking, but it is so flattering! If you are quite small and bottom heavy (junk in da trunk) like me, I would really recommend this bikini. The small bow detailing makes you look smaller on the bottom and bigger on the top and I think navy is a classic colour for a summer bikini. I've had a few ASOS bikinis in the past and I think they are great quality and there is so much choice, took me forever to decide.

H&M Bikini Top - £10 ish (Can't remember)
H&M Bikini Bottoms - £7.99

The H&M website is terrible for locating stuff, so sorry guys can't link the top! Again, my decking is doing this bikini no justice with it flung on there, cuz that bikini top is gorgeous. It genuinely looks designer with the rose gold zip and paneling and I'm pretty sure it was £10ish. It does come with matching bottoms, but I didn't like them as they had a gigantic piece of elastic as the waistband - wtf - so I opted for these standard black ones. 

Neon Coral Bikini £7.99 bottoms, £9.99 top (no link again)

This was a last minute purchase from H&M and is deffo a post tan bikini as it is so bright! It was magically sunny in the UK this afternoon, so the sun makes it look lighter than it is in this picture (think neon coral!). It has cute little gold details to make it look a bit more expensive and again it's a good shape. I am a bit gutted though, as I found out my best mate who has the body of a model also has the same one. I might end up saving this for my trip to Spain later on in the year when she isn't there and I have utilised my gym membership more effectively! haha.

Talking of the gym, I have spinning very soon so I shall head off (have you been spinning before? It is hell on a bike. Like a never ending ride to doom - why am I going?!), let me know what bikini and general holiday essentials you have been buying, link me up!

Ps...Bloglovin is soon to be the only way we can stay up to date with each others blogs, so click the link and give me a follow if you fancy it :) catch you soon x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Recent snaps

01. Shopping way too much, buying essentials like a flower crown - doh
02. I went to Liverpool with my best friends from University to celebrate two of their birthdays and it was just the best weekend ever. Those girls are da bomb. 
03. Photo from Liverpool, which is one of my favorite cities ever
04. I always try and get my friends to start a band (we can't sing or dance) and this is our draft album cover
05. More shopping! I am off to Croatia at the end of the week (eek) so bought lots of sunscreen
06. I went to Worcester races to celebrate my gurl Emily's birthday (babe in the white blazer) with a bunch of homegals. Literally, such a good day and I won a few times too! 
07. (Don't judge me) more shopping! Got these socks from Primark for £2 and I am obsessed with them.
08. Quote snapped from my computer screen. Could not love this quote more if I tried. One of those I must tweet/get tattooed/live my life by quotes (I just did the tweet far!)

Although I have been busy at work I have certainly made time for plenty of play outside of the office! I'm the type of person that is always busy as I'm always trying to fit in seeing my family, friends and boyfriend. A favorite quote of mine that sums up my outlook on life and ultimately my social calendar is "The best things in life aren't things" 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Review: Empties

Such a satisfying feeling when you reach the end of the pot-bottle-tube-sachet, especially if you are over run by products like many of us beauty babes. As always, when you reach the end of the product you start to make the serious decision of whether you should re-purchase or not - it can be tough guys! So, with the weighty decision playing on my mind, I thought I would run through these empties and tell you all what I will and won't be repurchasing. Jump on board the fun bus and strap your seat belts, it's about to get thrilling....

Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation
I've mentioned this on my blog before and can tell you that I certainly will repurchase it. I like to have a couple of foundations and a tinted moisturizer/BB cream at one time. This is so I can alternate the coverage and colour accordingly because sometimes you just have those days where you're like 'woah, this is too orange' or alternatively too light. It's a lighter foundation than some that leaves the skin with a silky/subtle powdery finish. I have quite oily skin, so if I need a less glowy foundation (Rimmel Wake Me Up for example) then I turn to this Max Factor beaut.

Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub
My mum loves to throw a sachet into a stocking or birthday gift, so I always get the chance to test out new body products. I quite liked this scrub as it isn't too harsh like some with larger salt crystals, but not too smooth it doesn't exfoliate easily. It also smells good and does make you feel like you are in spa, if you close your eyes! However, the salt aspect means your recently shaven legs can get irritated if you have sensitive skin like me. For that reason, I don't think I will repurchase this one

The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser
If you read my blog normally then you already know that I have big love for The Body Shop. I think their mini sets are a great price (£10 a set) and really handy for travel. On top of that, their full sized skincare isn't expensive either for the quality (£8 for a full sized Vitamin E Cream Cleanser). This particular cleanser is one of their bestsellers and it's easy to see why! My skin always feels well moisturized and less tired after using this product. I won't be repurchasing this particular one though (shock, horror!) because I have oily skin and I prefer to use a liquid cleanser (currently, loving La Roche Posay) and then a night cream like their Vitamin E Night Cream.

Max Factor Lasting Lip Tint in Berry Burst
I've bought this lip tint twice now and I personally really like it. It smells and tastes really yummy, not that you are suppose to sniff and eat them. The finish of the 'Very Berry' one is a deep red, which I think suits many skin tones and isn't too glam for a day to day basis. I know that some lip tints and pens can dry out really quickly, but this one seemed to last me ages. Overall, it's looking good Max Factor.

Sure Roll On Deodorant
Bit of a boring one, but important! I know a lot of people will agree that it can be hard to find a deodorant that suits their skin. I have quite sensitive skin, especially when it has been shaved so I prefer to use a roll on as I feel they are more moisturizing than a spray. This one from Sure and the Dove ones always have a great range of scents and last for ages, so if you are switching to a roll on I would recommend these.

Anatomicals 'You need a blooming shower, your nose smells rose' Body Cleanser
I love the Anatomicals range and their quirky names and packages. This is quite a subtle rose scented shower gel, so great if you're not really into having anything too overpowering. I probably will buy this again, but I'm not that fussed when it comes to shower gels and just grab whatever is on offer.

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche Eau de Toilette
My love for this scent cannot be described. It smells so good. It reminds me of summer and I love, love, love it. I just wish perfume was cheaper? Crazy when you think we spend so much money of scented liquid. I normally ask for this at Christmas and then buy some cheaper everyday perfumes, so if anyone has any suggestions of cheap perfumes please comment below!

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Shampoo
A bit like shower gel, I do tend to hunt for offers when it comes to shampoo and conditioner too. This blonde one from John Frieda is really good though. I think it has a thick enough texture to add moisture, but not too much that you can feel the product on your hair all day. Deffo a repurchase!

Soap and Glory Hand Food hand Cream
I've bought this hand cream a fair few times because it is super fast drying and leaves your hands tres smooth. However, I just prefer other hand creams - soz Soap and Glory! I think it's good for the price, but there are many other alternatives that feel more luxurious than this one.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Mentioned this a fair few times too, so apologies if you're a regular reader. I think it's a brilliant primer and because of the light gel-type formula it works really well with oily skin. I know they have loads of different versions depending on your skin type, so if you are after a primer I would suggest giving this one a go.

Almost there...

Rituals Magic Touch Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk Whipped Body Cream
Oh gawd dayum. Smells-so-so-good. Mentioned way too much on here and still haven't repurchased yet! This is one of the best creams I have ever used, so I will be getting it on my next shopping list (I talk more about it here)

Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Scrub
Repurchased this beast a few times as it never disappoints. Last month I bought the Sugar Crush version though, which I really wish i hadn't. It's way too sweet for me and a little stickier in consistency. As soon as I have finished it I will be getting this Flake away one again fo'sho.

Phew! Long post or what? Let me know what products you have just finished and are loving because I love switching things up (live life on the edge don't i!).

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Crown & Glory Flower Crown

Crown & Glory Flower Crown

01. Work is still crazy busy at the moment and it is effecting my ability to get my blog on *daydreams about quitting and trying something radical*
02. I've saw my gorgeous uni friends in Liverpool at the weekend, which was so much fun (I will post about our antics I'm sure)
03.  I have a serious shopping problem. I think I am a shareholder in Boots & H&M as I have been buying enough to be some form of Brand Partner.
04. One of my shopping purchases was this beautiful Crown & Glory headband that I saw on the stunning Lily Melrose. I cannot wait to wear this on holiday and nights out - love.
05. I don't really have a 5th point, but it just looks strange leaving it at the number 4....

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Remember me?

I have been a terrible blogger recently! I've had loads of new changes where I work, so I have been super busy on trips to London, new projects and a bigger workload. On top of that it has been everyone's birthdays and my family have been arriving left, right and centre to hang out! So much so, it's already June!! (time flies etc etc). Have no fear though, I am back and I'm back with some new blog post ideas - boo yeah. 

To tide you lovely followers (if you are still with me) here's some snaps and general things I have been up to in my brief absence:

Last year my Nan booked a holiday, but then had a stroke on the day we we're going (she's completely fine, she said she just got too excited and then spent the time in hospital moaning about why we hadn't just carried on with the plan!), so now she has recovered pretty much fully she was keen to get us all booked in somewhere else. Over the bank holiday weekend, me and 15 members of my family headed down/up and across to Sidmouth, Devon. It was glorious weather and we all had so much fun.

 Hope of a beach body went right out the window this weekend!


We all ate a lot, drank a lot and chatted a lot, only pausing to breath in the sea air. 

Beauty and such related I have been raiding boots in my normal fashion (I'm sure I must be some kind of shareholder now with the amount I spend) and trying to get some holiday stuff together wherever possible for my trip to Croatia in 2ish weeks! I'm still writing for London Beauty Hub too, so if you haven't been over to check the site out you can see my latest post on festival beauty favs here.

Also, whilst running around H&M in the week I noticed they are doing a scheme where you can take a carrier bag of clothes (worn, with holes, bits of rags, re-usable etc) and get a £5 voucher off your next £30 spend. I always worry that my clothes don't get recycled properly (huge fashion industry problem!) so this is perfect because you can recycle and buy, whilst doing your little bit! (more details here).

That's it from me, leave your links for me below so I can check out your blogs and stay tuned for some regular posts - promise ;)

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