Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Crown & Glory Flower Crown

Crown & Glory Flower Crown

01. Work is still crazy busy at the moment and it is effecting my ability to get my blog on *daydreams about quitting and trying something radical*
02. I've saw my gorgeous uni friends in Liverpool at the weekend, which was so much fun (I will post about our antics I'm sure)
03.  I have a serious shopping problem. I think I am a shareholder in Boots & H&M as I have been buying enough to be some form of Brand Partner.
04. One of my shopping purchases was this beautiful Crown & Glory headband that I saw on the stunning Lily Melrose. I cannot wait to wear this on holiday and nights out - love.
05. I don't really have a 5th point, but it just looks strange leaving it at the number 4....


  1. haha I have a very serious shopping problem too! the photo!

    The photo is lovely & I love your flower crown♥

  2. I would look a complete tit if I wore this, whereas you look amazing in this!! Very jealous :)


  3. You look amazing, I wish I could pull off a flower crown :)


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