Monday, 29 September 2014

Montana & Yellowstone

If you missed my NYC blog post, catch up here. After gallivanting around New York, my family and I headed off to Montana. Bit of a random place to go, but my brother and dad visited this ranch a few years ago and said it was a must. I spent over a week, eating a ridiculous amount of food, being a cowgirl and going practically technology free (never done so many puzzles in my life before). They were right, it was a must.

After trying to stay on my horse, lots of funny memories and also a few scary ones being made. We said goodbye to the new friends we made in search of a grizzly bear and Old Faithful. No luck on the grizzlies, but if you get the chance to go to Yellowstone National Park, you should. It's glorious.

I have so may pictures and so many new memories from this whole trip. I wont bore you with them all, but yeah going away with your family in your 20's ain't so bad. Holiday of a lifetime.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

New York

I recently came back from what can only be described as one of the best holidays of my life to date. My family and I went to America for a trip to Newwwww Yoooorrrkkk (obvs, Alicia Keys reference) and Montana, with a few places in between. If you are thinking 'What the firetruck do you do in Montana' let me paint the scene, think horses, gorgeous mountains, bears, cowboys (real ones), minimal people and taverns, not pubs people. 

We saved all our pennies for this trip, which we've been planning for some time and I thought I'd start with sharing the NYC section first...

I ate a lot of food, pizza, burgers and more. So much meat in fact, I am currently an honorary vegetarian because a bacon detox minimum was required post-holiday. The sandwiches were from Katz's Deli, which has featured on Man vs Food (need I say more?) and was a truly New York experience.

New York is also famous for brunch and breakfast is kinda a big deal. The french toast was from a really cute and un-assuming breakfast spot in Greenwich Village, Cafe Condesa. Big points if you can comment which film Pershing Square is featured in, another incredible breakfast spot.

We did the usual sightseeing, Empire state, Wall St, 9/11 memorial, Central Park, Macy's etc. Before we arrived we actually booked a private tour with Real New York Tours and did The Half Apple Downtown Tour which I couldn't recommend more. If you are going to NYC, you will not be disappointed by this company. Our tour guide was a charming New Yorker called David, who knew everything and was a lot of fun to hang out with.

Evening-wise, one of the best nights we had was at the Stand Up NY Comedy Club. Ok, not kidding, full on tears-rolling hilarious-ness. We got tickets cheaper from one of the ticket sellers in Times Square and it was brilliant. It's quite intimate, so they really use the audience and we're aged 20-mid 40's (can't remember how old my rents are...) and all 5 of us were in hysterics. 

Foam finger, an essential. This is me at the Yankees match, which was so much fun and another experience I would totally recommend. You actually do order hawt dawgs and beers from a guy who passes them down the stand. Amazing. 

We also did some shopping, duhhh. Here's proof of my damage done in Sephora and the pouty pic is a Mac Cremestick liner I bought in Beurre so I can pretend to be Kylie Jenner.

All the excitement meant many tea breaks were needed, especially if alcohol wasn't on hand. How cute is this tea in the cafe attached to Urban Outfitters? Hope you liked my travels, if you have travel posts, please link as I am already dreaming of another escape!

Saturday, 6 September 2014


Mac Liner - Beurre

Hello A/W, hello new coats (let's not lie to ourselves, we know we will buy more than one). The duster jacket is big for A/W and I think it will stick around with some amazing brights showing up at New Look, incredible patterns at River Island and classic cuts over at Missguided. Not a fan? Let's just admire the bomber jacket for some time. So in love with this Missguided one right now, proceeds to checkout...

After a long sun filled frolicking Summer, I always have loads of new photos, little tickets and travel souvenirs. I have one of these frames and they are beautiful. They open up, so you can slide more than one photo, ticket, pressed flower etc inside and are tres retro chic. 

Getting one new item of makeup not only pleases me (yay, new makeup), but is an easy way to change or update your entire routine. I freaking love the Mac Cremestick Liner in Beurre if you have been falling in love with Kylie Jenner's recent make up looks, you need this. It's always sold out, but give the department stores a whirl (you can check the colour, no filter on my instagram here)

Just like the item of make up, a small accessory can really cheer up your wardrobe. Add a floppy hat, fedora or slogan beanie for an on-trend update. Especially good if you are suppose to be curbing your spending habits because what's one hat between friends? No judging here. 

As we wave goodbye to Summer, lets brighten up. Places like Dunelm Mill, TK Maxx & this gorgeous little site, Peony have really affordable artificial flowers, these ones are a cute and bright alternative to the picture and super cheap. If you have a bit more cash, take a look at the Pink selection at Peony here.

Hope you like my suggestions and are feeling inspired for the seasonal change. I'm kinda looking forward to boots and scarves, are you?

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