Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Summer Jewels

 H&M Silver necklace, Accessorize necklace, Black Onyx necklace from Brick Lane in London

All Accessorize, accept the spiky one which is Miss Selfridge

I've been getting into accessories a bit lately and thought I'd share some of my go-to pieces right now. I've found Accessorize, Topshop & H&M to be really good for jewelry. Also, if any of you can help, I'm in major need of a necklace wrap/travel storage thing for jewelry so comment below if you know of any.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Is there anyone out there?

I'm back! Life just got a bit busy ya know? Here's what I have been up to and some things I have planned for my little spot on the big ole internet.

- My laptop got stolen. Someone broke into my flat and robbed my beautiful Macbook Air i'd saved for and some birthday money. Not cool.

Food Festival - Egg shaped toilet pods at Sketch London - Menu & cuppa - View in US on the way from San Francisco to LA - Hard Rock in Tenerife - With the Pixar lamp & Ball - Duck & Waffle

- I went to San Francisco & LA with work. Cool levels balanced back out. I got to visit Pixar, Lucas Film/ILM (made Star Wars, E.T, Men in Black, the list goes on) and Atomic Fiction who made Looper and work on Transformers. I also ate a lot of bacon. Winning.

- I moved flats. I now have a much nicer and much bigger flat with the 'rents (cheap rent, thanks rents) in London.

Hair done - Pimms - Pixar - View of London at Duck & Waffle - Villa in Tenerife

- Been busy doing fun London stuff. I went to some food festivals, drank Pimms and cocktails with my friends, ate at Duck & Waffle, ate at Sketch Afternoon Tea (highly recommend) and all the usual shopping, eating, got my hair done (although going blonder again soon) and other relaxing type things.

Obsessed with lace bras (Urban Outfitters) - Trying some Bobbi Brown bits - Ah-mazing candle from TKmaxx, pure heaven - Skincare moved into my new flat - Topshop Bikini - Holiday pose ASOS top - Holiday pose 2, Topshop shorts, Zara Top.

- Finally, I just got back from a week in Tenerife with all my friends which was too much fun.

Due to all my gallivanting I have loads of clothes, skin care, make up, home ware (so many candles and cushions) and such, so lots of blog posts will follow if anyone is still out there?

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