Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all have a good one and get lots of sweet treats! 

"What's the problem with twin witches?  You never know which witch is which" Hahaha....yeah anyway here's some pictures to enjoy! (All images from weheartit)

Saved the best til last there! Love, Emmy x
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Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Okay...I admit that I am a little bit behind on the GLOSSYBOX bandwagon, but my very first box (the October box, just) arrived today and I almost couldn't contain my excitement! For anyone else who is a bit late on the beauty box craze as well, check out the website here GLOSSYBOX for more information. I decided to get the 6 month subscription to see what it was like and show you all what you can expect:

The box itself: adorable!

 It's like a present for yourself
The description of what you got, offers & codes

The best bit: the products!
Up close & personal
Firstly, apologies for my bad photography skills, but hopefully you get the idea! (I need a bit more practice) Anyways, my box contained:

Anatomicals 'Don't just clean it woman, scrub it body scrub'
Love, love LOVE the packaging! It is fun and quirky, which I am always drawn to. I am a big fan of a body scrub to keep those nasty ingrown hairs at bay and give yourself a good clean and I am excited to use this one.

Yves Rocher France 'Instant Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser - HYDRA VEGETAL'
A bit of a mouthful! I am looking forward to testing this brand, as I have heard good things. I was a bit gutted I got the anti-wrinkle cream over the lipstick as I am only 22, but I did ask my mum if she wanted to help me review it (she was slightly offended, yet excited)

Skinetica 'Anti-Blemish'
So, the timing of this could not have been better as I am sporting a huge spot on my chin that is giving me a whole different face shape right now aka a second head. I will deffo be testing this baby out tonight in the hope that my'growth' is reduced (it says results in 2-3 days so we shall see...)

The Organic Pharmacy 'Enzyme Peel Mask with Vitamin C & Papaya'
Again, it's like someone knew I had a breakout this week! I love papaya in products as it always smells so yummy, so hopefully my face will smell and look better after this.

Sally Hansen 'Complete Salon Manicure'
My last product (sad face) promises to be a 5 step manicure in one bottle - say whaaaat - including a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and a top coat. I got a metallic black, which was nice as it's a bit different from a matte black which I think can be a bit hard to wear on a regular basis. Hopefully it is chip resistant because that is my usual problem!
That is everything, hope you enjoyed having a sneak peak into my GLOSSYBOX. When I am a bit more organised with my blog I will put the images up of my monthly boxes when I have tested the products and give my verdict. I was a bit late this month, so I will have to review them in a separate post.

Love, Emmy x


Monday, 29 October 2012

Tis the season...

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 Christmas is almost here which excites me massively! I am a huge Christmas fan and it's the highlight of the gloomy winters we get here in England. Other than the day itself, I love the build up to Christmas and I like trying to think of unique ideas and things I can get my friends and family. Loads of people dread Christmas shopping and find it really stressful to think of gift ideas for people, so here are some of my suggestions:
  • Not on the high street - I heart this website. If you are looking to personalize a gift or find something unique then this is the place to shop. You can search by person, item and occasion and everything I have bought from there has been well received. You also don't have to leave your house in the cold and it supports businesses in Britain which is always something I like. Be sure to check this site out in advance of Christmas as there are a lot of small shops and boutiques, so they need time to post during the Christmas period.
  • Sabo Skirt - This is an Australian clothing brand and I love every single item of clothing on there, seriously. If you have a fashionable friend who doesn't like to shop on the high street then this is a great alternative as not many people will have the same thing.
  • Make something - I say this with caution because if your kinda crud at making stuff then maybe this isn't the best option for you. However, a cute idea is a picture frame filled with some snaps you have taken or some friendship bracelets which are pretty easy to make. You can buy loads of crafty stuff and amazing packaging from to help your creation come together. 
  • Tickets to see something - This is a good option for someone who is difficult to buy for or someone you don't get to see a lot. Also, you get to join in on the gift which is always good obviously.
The best tip I have for figuring out what to get people is to listen, sounds stupid but you will be surprised how many nuggets of information people will give away when you are chatting to them. I have some good ideas myself which I will have to reveal after Christmas so I don't spoil the surprise, but hopefully these have given you some inspiration!
Also, I am soooo excited for the red cups from starbucks - eeek! Emmy x

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

eBay - Love it or loath it?

It was another free listing weekend on eBay, so once again I try to justify my new purchases by selling some of my older ones that I don’t wear anymore or think ‘why did I EVER buy that?!’ but is eBay really worth the hassle for what sometimes is just 99p?

1.Sometimes you get something that sells for a huge amount – Usually, this is the most hideous item out of everything you own. I once sold a black and gold velour Juicy Couture handbag that I got for £30 for £70 and the bidding war was intense! It was like the world had ended and people were fighting over the last bit of food…

2.Your clear out your room/house and get some money for it – Something is better than nothing!

3.It builds up a star rating on your profile which means people trust you more when you buy on eBay as well as when you sell on there

4.Free listing weekends. These happen quite a lot and mean you can sell for no cost at all from the comfort of your own house which is always nice.

1.It literally takes ages. You have to take photos, upload everything and write down all the details, wait for them to pay, get to the post office, and leave feedback – PHEW!

2.Sometimes nothing sells, not even the hideous stuff that usually does.

3.People. They Can be annoying and I mean really annoying! Sometimes people forget they are buying second hand stuff from eBay for 99p and they can cause you grief by asking loads of questions and complaining. If your item gets lost in the post then that is your responsibility as a seller which means you can end up forking out more money.

So, it is sort of 50/50 when it comes down to it being worthwhile or not. If you don’t fancy eBay then some other options are:

1.Car Boots: These are cheap and can be bearable if you go with a friend, but they are weather permitting. As well as being cheap to sell there people are very cheap when they buy from you so you do have to ‘man up’ when you watch your £50 Topshop dress escape for 50p

2.Charity Shops: You don’t get paid obviously, but you can choose a charity you like to support and get a warm fuzzy feeling as you help others and you can open your wardrobe without wearing full safety gear

3.Clothes Party: I haven’t actually done one of these yet, but I think it sounds like a great idea. You gather your mates (normally the stylish ones) and take a bunch of clothes round to one of your houses and literally swap the stuff you don’t want anymore. I would advise taking plenty of vino to help convince your friends to give you their most stylish threads!

4.Hand me downs/Hand me ups: Lots of us have brothers and sisters that would love our clothes so you can always offer them to your family members

It is important to remember that no matter how rough your clothes have got, whether it is holey pants, worn out bras or overalls covered in paint you can always recycle the material which means there are less clothes going to landfill and less waste that damages the environment. You can find out whether the charity you donate them to does this or look on-line for further info on recycling the material.

Love Emmy x

"Let's mate, I mean date!" (White Goodman, Dodgeball)

Let’s get acquainted, so it’s not awkward and we both know what we are all about. Even though this is cyber space I think it could be possible to create an awkward moment like the hug/handshake = fumble with a stranger one that happens in real life (not just me, right?). With this in mind, I am going to eradicate the initial awkwardness by telling you some more about me….
  1. My name is Emma, but due to having THE most common two middle names (not so common) ‘Louise’ & ‘Jane’ my family like to call me ‘EmmyLou’ or ‘Emmyloujane’
  2. I am 22 years old, from Worcestershire where they make Worcestershire Sauce like the purple Walkers crisps flavour
  3. I studied Events Management at Bournemouth University
  4. I am currently a Sales & Marketing Manger for a Digital Art Publishers, my boyfriend said “So, who do you manage?” to which I replied “Currently? Myself”
  5. Some random facts about me…I have a curly toe (ew), I love baked goods, I find animals unpredictable and a bit scary, I have two cats (i know) and I am a massive beauty junkie
So, that is some more about me! We could hug now and not feel as awkward, although I am a ‘patter’ apparently which I think is frowned upon in the hugging world. If anyone reads this blog, then leave a comment with some facts about yourself too as I would love to read them.
Love, Emmy x

Here it goes...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m not exactly sure what you will find here just yet as I ‘m thinking of it as more of a creative journey (because that sounds good). I currently work for a publishing company where I am surrounded by artwork and thought this would be a good way to express my own creativity.

I’m intend to cover beauty, fashion, stories, relationships, friends and well everything that encompasses my life! Hopefully you enjoy reading and you find my posts interesting, Love Emmy x

ps, You can follow me on Twitter & Instagram @Emmylouisejane

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