Thursday, 25 October 2012

"Let's mate, I mean date!" (White Goodman, Dodgeball)

Let’s get acquainted, so it’s not awkward and we both know what we are all about. Even though this is cyber space I think it could be possible to create an awkward moment like the hug/handshake = fumble with a stranger one that happens in real life (not just me, right?). With this in mind, I am going to eradicate the initial awkwardness by telling you some more about me….
  1. My name is Emma, but due to having THE most common two middle names (not so common) ‘Louise’ & ‘Jane’ my family like to call me ‘EmmyLou’ or ‘Emmyloujane’
  2. I am 22 years old, from Worcestershire where they make Worcestershire Sauce like the purple Walkers crisps flavour
  3. I studied Events Management at Bournemouth University
  4. I am currently a Sales & Marketing Manger for a Digital Art Publishers, my boyfriend said “So, who do you manage?” to which I replied “Currently? Myself”
  5. Some random facts about me…I have a curly toe (ew), I love baked goods, I find animals unpredictable and a bit scary, I have two cats (i know) and I am a massive beauty junkie
So, that is some more about me! We could hug now and not feel as awkward, although I am a ‘patter’ apparently which I think is frowned upon in the hugging world. If anyone reads this blog, then leave a comment with some facts about yourself too as I would love to read them.
Love, Emmy x


  1. Oh my god you go to Bournemouth Uni? Me too! Small world x

  2. Nice to meet you Emmy :) I just came across your blog via The Londoner :)Your blog seems wonderful! I hope you have a lovely day! <3


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