Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Okay...I admit that I am a little bit behind on the GLOSSYBOX bandwagon, but my very first box (the October box, just) arrived today and I almost couldn't contain my excitement! For anyone else who is a bit late on the beauty box craze as well, check out the website here GLOSSYBOX for more information. I decided to get the 6 month subscription to see what it was like and show you all what you can expect:

The box itself: adorable!

 It's like a present for yourself
The description of what you got, offers & codes

The best bit: the products!
Up close & personal
Firstly, apologies for my bad photography skills, but hopefully you get the idea! (I need a bit more practice) Anyways, my box contained:

Anatomicals 'Don't just clean it woman, scrub it body scrub'
Love, love LOVE the packaging! It is fun and quirky, which I am always drawn to. I am a big fan of a body scrub to keep those nasty ingrown hairs at bay and give yourself a good clean and I am excited to use this one.

Yves Rocher France 'Instant Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser - HYDRA VEGETAL'
A bit of a mouthful! I am looking forward to testing this brand, as I have heard good things. I was a bit gutted I got the anti-wrinkle cream over the lipstick as I am only 22, but I did ask my mum if she wanted to help me review it (she was slightly offended, yet excited)

Skinetica 'Anti-Blemish'
So, the timing of this could not have been better as I am sporting a huge spot on my chin that is giving me a whole different face shape right now aka a second head. I will deffo be testing this baby out tonight in the hope that my'growth' is reduced (it says results in 2-3 days so we shall see...)

The Organic Pharmacy 'Enzyme Peel Mask with Vitamin C & Papaya'
Again, it's like someone knew I had a breakout this week! I love papaya in products as it always smells so yummy, so hopefully my face will smell and look better after this.

Sally Hansen 'Complete Salon Manicure'
My last product (sad face) promises to be a 5 step manicure in one bottle - say whaaaat - including a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and a top coat. I got a metallic black, which was nice as it's a bit different from a matte black which I think can be a bit hard to wear on a regular basis. Hopefully it is chip resistant because that is my usual problem!
That is everything, hope you enjoyed having a sneak peak into my GLOSSYBOX. When I am a bit more organised with my blog I will put the images up of my monthly boxes when I have tested the products and give my verdict. I was a bit late this month, so I will have to review them in a separate post.

Love, Emmy x



  1. hmm, i cancelled my glossybox subscription a few months ago... i didn't really like it and thought i was wasting my money. you got some good things this month though. :)

  2. I love getting my glossybox in the post! Sadly, my subscription ran out, hopefully i'll get more for christmas! Aha, jealous :) Love your blog!


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