Monday, 29 October 2012

Tis the season...

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 Christmas is almost here which excites me massively! I am a huge Christmas fan and it's the highlight of the gloomy winters we get here in England. Other than the day itself, I love the build up to Christmas and I like trying to think of unique ideas and things I can get my friends and family. Loads of people dread Christmas shopping and find it really stressful to think of gift ideas for people, so here are some of my suggestions:
  • Not on the high street - I heart this website. If you are looking to personalize a gift or find something unique then this is the place to shop. You can search by person, item and occasion and everything I have bought from there has been well received. You also don't have to leave your house in the cold and it supports businesses in Britain which is always something I like. Be sure to check this site out in advance of Christmas as there are a lot of small shops and boutiques, so they need time to post during the Christmas period.
  • Sabo Skirt - This is an Australian clothing brand and I love every single item of clothing on there, seriously. If you have a fashionable friend who doesn't like to shop on the high street then this is a great alternative as not many people will have the same thing.
  • Make something - I say this with caution because if your kinda crud at making stuff then maybe this isn't the best option for you. However, a cute idea is a picture frame filled with some snaps you have taken or some friendship bracelets which are pretty easy to make. You can buy loads of crafty stuff and amazing packaging from to help your creation come together. 
  • Tickets to see something - This is a good option for someone who is difficult to buy for or someone you don't get to see a lot. Also, you get to join in on the gift which is always good obviously.
The best tip I have for figuring out what to get people is to listen, sounds stupid but you will be surprised how many nuggets of information people will give away when you are chatting to them. I have some good ideas myself which I will have to reveal after Christmas so I don't spoil the surprise, but hopefully these have given you some inspiration!
Also, I am soooo excited for the red cups from starbucks - eeek! Emmy x

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  1. I love Christmas too! It's seriously the MOST wonderful time of the year❤❤❤

    1. I know, how can you not love Christmas!? Thanks for checking my blog out, you are my first comment so totally worth a reply! And your blog is really cute, bravo x


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