Saturday, 18 May 2013

Review: The Body Shop Jasmine and White Frangipani Candle

The Body Shop Jasmine and White Frangipani Candle*

Hi guys! So, I've been useless at blogging this week, but I'm back. If you read my blog normally then you will know that i'm a big fan of The Body Shop and regularly use their make up, skin care and toiletries. However, despite using a lot of their products I had never used any of their candles or room diffusers until now.

I recently got the Jasmine and White Frangipani Candle  and have been using it all week to see if The Body Shop are still impressing me as much as usual. They are! This candle smells so good and it really does carry the scent into your room during and after it's been used (unlike some that smell amazing and then don't do much). I don't even know what a Frangipani is, apart from that it smells insane, I've eaten it in a pie before and it reminds me of this Friends episode.

The Body Shop Jasmine and White Frangipani Candle*

The candles are priced at £10 each, which I think is very affordable for a candle that smells and looks this luxurious. They would make great gifts or something for yourself as a little treat (#TreatTuesday). I will definitely be buying this candle, along with the Mandarin & Tangelo one and the Vanilla and Tonka Bean candle. Again, what is a Tangelo and Tonka Bean?!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's OK... #2

This is my second installment of 'It's OK...', which is a post I did a little while back that got lots of sweet comments and was also very fun to put together. So, I am spoiling you all by giving you another 'It's OK...' post right now. I know 'SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This is amazeballs'.

It's OK...
To not be able to store all of your clothes in your room at once (a strategic combo of stored and in the wash/ironing pile rotation method), yet upon flinging your wardrobe doors open feel a sense of disappointment and an urge to visit ASOS because you just have NO clothes.
To genuinely believe that by drinking Vodka, lime & soda on a night out as a lower calorie option it will cancel out the large McDonalds meal you shove in your face at 4am later...balance?
To be out of touch with the Top 40 chart because you've had Taylor Swift's album on repeat for some time now. Thus, leading to many awkward conversations "I'm so gutted Rudimental tickets have sold out!" You: "I know I love her, I'm gutted too"...
To wear some make up to the gym. Who wants to be sweaty, pale and have eyebrows that just do not frame your face all at the same time? Pass me the mascara.
To worry about the upcoming bikini season, especially because people will realize you have the chest of Mowgli from Jungle Book (I speak for myself here).
To purchase designer sunglasses if you're from England, where with your Summer holiday included you may only see a months worth of sunshine. During that time though you will look beyond classy and cool, worth-every-penny.
To end up doubling everything in your basket when you've been buying a birthday present for your friend.
To have thought concealer lips were hot at some point "HEY! I look like I have no lips, I know you want me"
To take a 'selfie' (hate that word) every once in a while because you should be able to tell yourself that you look good today/show off a new hat/necklace/top etc.
To have long discussions with your friends/family/work colleagues etc about which celebrity you would choose to take to dinner and then bed - naughty - like you are discussing the state of the economy. It is that serious people, what if it happened? (I chose Ryan Gosling. Remember: you have to spend an entire dinner with them, so you want someone interesting. You have to tell me who you would choose in the comment section, I'm weirdly obsessed with asking everyone I meet this question).

So, that is it. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and tell me what you think is OK too! Big love guys.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

NOTD: Models Own Scented Banana Split & Sunset Chillout + Seche Vite Review

Longest blog post title ever. This is a pretty short post though, don't worry...

I am always buying new nail varnishes and the Models Own Scented Banana Split & Sunset Chillout from the HeadKandi collection are my most recent purchases. I don't know about you guys, but I am LOVING Models Own varnishes so much right now. They are my go to polish of recent because the colours are amazing and I think the quality matches up too.

They recently bought out a collection of scented (oh yes, old school scratch and sniff!) pastel varnishes and the yellow really caught my eye. I don't own any yellow polishes and I thought this colour was just perfect for Spring/Summer. The colour comes out really well, but you will need two coats so make sure you go for a thin one on your first application. Also, the scent is just on the lid of the varnish, not the varnish itself (sad times), so don't start sniffing the polish. I'm not saying I did that or anything...

The Models Own HeadKandi Sunset Chillout varnish is not too dissimilar from Freak Out which I featured in a previous NOTD post. I think they are really versatile varnishes, but if you have one of the mirror ball varnishes I wouldn't buy this unless you want a different colour because they are basically the same - doh! I also started painting my nails and forgot to leave my ring finger unpolished as I was going to do one heavily glittered nail, not what I actually did. I tried to do a slightly more ombre effect than my previous post, but I'm not very good or patient, looks alright though!

Finally, I thought I would briefly mention that I purchased the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat off Amazon earlier on this month after hearing a lot of good reviews. This is the first time I have used it and I have to say it dried my nails super quick and it also went on very smoothly and didn't ruin my nail varnish. Sometimes I find top coats can get stuck to all the previous layers, especially if you have two coats and a glitter like this nail look. Overall, I'm pretty impressed and I don't think it smells too bad either (one of the negatives I had heard!).

Hope you like the look, it's super easy and yeah I am like a poster gal for Models Own now! Drop the links to your notd's because you can see I need inspo to get away from my go to glitter look.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Trends I wont be wearing #2

Trends I wont be wearing #2

Trends I wont be wearing #2 by emma-handley featuring h m jacket

This is a post I did a little while back - here - that was pretty popular, so I thought I would do a haphazard series (i'm not good at doing it on particular days I have discovered!). Let us begin!

I won't be wearing...

Hawaiian Print - I'm not saying i haven't tried with this one. I checked out H&M's Conscious Collection a little while back and although I didn't full on hate it, the print just reminds me of blokes on stag do's when they think it will be hilarious to wear matching shirts (good one Bazza). To me, there are just much nicer prints to choose from. 

Pastel Lips - I love a bit of pastel, in fact my nails are currently rocking Models Own's 'Utopia', which is gorgeous. However, I don't look at it and think I want to put that colour on my lips. Nope, no I don't - soz Nikki I will let you work that one. 

Colour Block Leather -  Colour blocking does work and it does look really effective, but i'm not loving it with leather for some reason. I don't really like the look of the same textures in one outfit and there is just something about all leather head to toe that makes me feel trend please!

I will be wearing...

Pop of Neon - I mentioned how much I adored this pop of neon trend (not a beanie though, see other post here) and Henry Holland has brought out these bralettes and briefs recently that i can't wait to get out this Summer. I must mention that I don't intend to flash the brief part, just the bralette. I think the particular colour and shape featured above is a little different from the other brights available. I'm picturing a sheer top or low armed tank and some denim. I think Henry is a great designer, I once tweeted him because my beloved HH leather shoes had finally broke and I thought he might have a spare pair - no luck!

White - I've already gone with this trend a little already since I've been flirting with the Monochrome trend that was big news. I bought a white blazer from H&M last month, which I think is this one and I cannot recommend it enough. It fits so good, looks amazing with everything and is great quality - all for £25.

Tribal Gathering -  Name thanks to a recent Vogue mag, I see this trend as a classier and more wearable print than the Hawaiian one mentioned earlier. There's loads of different takes on it, but I love the Moroccan  Aztec tribal vibes and this bikini from River Island is a beaut. I don't know if you guys saw my Birthday Wishlist post, but I featured this amazing jacket from Zara that my boyfriend got me in the end. I literally wear it all the time and get compliments every time, so you just have to get it too (twins). 

Let me know which trends you won't and will be following in the comments below. Of course, feel free to disagree with me too, just don't blame me when your Hawaiian print shirt gets you scooped up in a Stag Do on the way to Malaga. 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Instagram snaps #3

Kate Moss in Vogue - Birthday beauty box gift - Destination stickers (birthday gift) - Homemade berry smoothie with chocolate flakes - Beyonce - Birthday drinks - New Fedora hat from Camden - Drinks at Bubbledogs in London - CAKE - New sunglasses from Sheriff & Cherry - Camden market 

Monday, 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend - Bubbledogs, Beyonce & more!

I got back from probably one of the best starts to a bank holiday weekend you could wish for yesterday. I headed to London Friday afternoon to meet with some of my university pals - Char, Jess & Fran - where we caught up over a homemade afternoon tea made by my gorgeous Italian galpal/hostess Francesca (one of the best carrot cakes ever, not joking). After talking for way too long and loosing track of time we quickly got ready to go see another top girl - Beyonce.

We met more friends (Josh & Claire) and queued excitedly at the O2 to get in. We managed to get a pretty sick standing position which we maximized our dancing space by sitting down before the show started - you cant bootay shake in a crowded area, someone could get hurt. What proceeded was the best show ever, which left us all sweaty, voiceless, happy, depressed and envious all at the same time. I was lucky enough to see her at Glasto too and if you get the chance then go. She's not Queen B for nothing.

The next day between saying "can you believe we saw Beyonce?" and "she's just so much better than you can even imagine" (even, if she wanted to get with me i wold say yes. You don't say no to beyonce - we're crazy with Beyonce fever). We managed to get up and eat bagels with avocado, rocket and poached eggs, such a chore! (Thanks Fran & your mum's chickens!), then drag ourselves to Camden for a mooch around the market. Where, quite frankly i bought a strange array of gifts for myself...

I got these, plus the hat you will see below

I didn't get one of these by the way...

Deformed willy ring, no idea why it hasn't sold!

Posing on the train home

After saying bye to Char as she is off on holiday, browsing many market stalls, haggling and eating churros, Fran, Jess and I strolled to Goodge Street and made our way to Bubbledogs. If you aren't from London or haven't heard of it, its a really trendy restaurant and bar where they serve champagne (other drinks too) with creatively topped hot dawgs. It is delicious. You have to get there at 5.30 because you cant get reservations for parties of under 6 and its loved by too many people.

We opted for a bottle of prosecco which went down a treat and then had BLT hot dogs (Fran & Jess - pork sausage with caramelized lettuce and truffle mayonnaise in a bun), a Jose hot dog (me - pork sausage with sour cream, salsa, guacamole and jalapenos in a bun) and sweet potato fries. It was heaven. Delicious hot dog heaven. Its a great mix of posh meets common, around £22 each including service (who were also delicious) highly recommend.

Losing track of time AGAIN and feeling a little flush from the prosecco we giddily got back to Fran's, got ready and went to The Loft in Clapham. All the excitement got too much around 1.30ish so we ordered our maccies (naughty) and fell asleep in the taxi home snuggled up. Very unlike our usual un-tamed selves, I blame Beyonce.

What have you guys been up to this bank holiday so far?

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Review: Sleek 'Coral' Blush

I've been meaning to get my hands on some Sleek makeup for some time and when I returned some clothes recently I was suddenly in credit again on PayPal - dangerous.

Among a few cheeky purchases with the PayPal money that was clearly burning a hole in my virtual pocket, I picked up this Sleek Coral Blush. I don't know if it's just me, but I go through real colour phases sometimes where I end up getting everything in that same shade (I had the red lipstick phase a while back). Don't worry though I haven't been rocking coral eye shadow, blush and lipstick in one....yet.

(Back to the review) First off, the packaging is sleek - har har - and reminds me of the style Nars go for. I also like the fact that there's a small mirror because you need a mirror for blusher, handy. The colour itself is warm and summery, the kind that looks good pre and post tan to warm up or compliment your skin. It's also pretty pigmented, so you only need a gentle sweep meaning it will last much longer too.

The formula isn't too powdery and it doesn't look like it will easily crumble, but even if it did at less than £5 a go it wouldn't be the end of the world. I actually got mine from Amazon in with the Sleek i Divine Au Natural Palette as I was buying a few bits here and there and it worked out cheaper.

Overall, very happy and if you want something that screams summertime then this is the blush. I will definitely be buying more, have my eyes on Pixie Pink, Flush, Life's a Peach, Suede....

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