Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's OK... #2

This is my second installment of 'It's OK...', which is a post I did a little while back that got lots of sweet comments and was also very fun to put together. So, I am spoiling you all by giving you another 'It's OK...' post right now. I know 'SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! This is amazeballs'.

It's OK...
To not be able to store all of your clothes in your room at once (a strategic combo of stored and in the wash/ironing pile rotation method), yet upon flinging your wardrobe doors open feel a sense of disappointment and an urge to visit ASOS because you just have NO clothes.
To genuinely believe that by drinking Vodka, lime & soda on a night out as a lower calorie option it will cancel out the large McDonalds meal you shove in your face at 4am later...balance?
To be out of touch with the Top 40 chart because you've had Taylor Swift's album on repeat for some time now. Thus, leading to many awkward conversations "I'm so gutted Rudimental tickets have sold out!" You: "I know I love her, I'm gutted too"...
To wear some make up to the gym. Who wants to be sweaty, pale and have eyebrows that just do not frame your face all at the same time? Pass me the mascara.
To worry about the upcoming bikini season, especially because people will realize you have the chest of Mowgli from Jungle Book (I speak for myself here).
To purchase designer sunglasses if you're from England, where with your Summer holiday included you may only see a months worth of sunshine. During that time though you will look beyond classy and cool, worth-every-penny.
To end up doubling everything in your basket when you've been buying a birthday present for your friend.
To have thought concealer lips were hot at some point "HEY! I look like I have no lips, I know you want me"
To take a 'selfie' (hate that word) every once in a while because you should be able to tell yourself that you look good today/show off a new hat/necklace/top etc.
To have long discussions with your friends/family/work colleagues etc about which celebrity you would choose to take to dinner and then bed - naughty - like you are discussing the state of the economy. It is that serious people, what if it happened? (I chose Ryan Gosling. Remember: you have to spend an entire dinner with them, so you want someone interesting. You have to tell me who you would choose in the comment section, I'm weirdly obsessed with asking everyone I meet this question).

So, that is it. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and tell me what you think is OK too! Big love guys.


  1. This made me laugh!! brilliant post :)

    B xxx

  2. Makes me chuckle as always...

  3. Love this post! I'd definitely take Channing Tatum out to dinner hehe x

  4. I am glad it's okay to only listen to Taylor swift and not know who rudimentary is because that is me all over! X

  5. Love it!

    The sad/funny/weird thing is that I have had the TS album on repeat for over a month and have never heard of Rudamental lol.

    I would love to take Matt Bomer out to dinner (turn him straight ;)) or Jensen Ackles (phwoar).


  6. Hi Emma,
    Loving your blog! Love your comments about make-up at the gym and concealer lips! Totally relate to both. I always wear eyebrow pencil to the gym, even though I do end up beetroot read and covered in sweat!


  7. haahaaa LOVE this post, made my day! x


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