Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas gifts

I've been enjoying reading what everyone got off the big man in red this Christmas, aren't we all spoilt! So, I thought I would share some snaps of what I received this Christmas, so I can look back and remember how lucky I am to have all these amazing people in my life, who also have amazing taste in gifts ;) (some of my photos are a little dark because I took them at night - not my best idea so far I know)

I got these cute lights from Wilkinsons - Kardashian top from DP - River Island earrings (I think they are the kids range which means they are only a few pounds!) - Lindt snowman & bear - Benefit Erase Paste - A romantic card from my boyfriend with a note saying tickets to The Brits! Eeeek! - A new book, which is good so far - Gorgeous bracelets on top of a thank you card - Last is the tag on my 'gifts from santa' (very similar handwriting to my mum...)

I didn't get this Chocolate log as a gift, I just ate it on xmas day and thought I would share! My aunty made it and it was soooo yummy - My dad now works in London & got us all a 'I Love London' tee - Hotel Chocolat chocs - A gorgeous Mac nude lipstick & red Topshop Lipstick - Funky tights - A big & little Fiorelli handbag - More chocolate!! - 1001 cocktail book, Topshop chain belt, Topshop nail varnish & lipstick and the most amazing hairbrush...Tangle Teezer!

Because Dior should always have the spotlight, here is the beautiful gift I got from my boyfriends family (well i'm sure his mum picked it). I haven't actually used the bronzer yet because its so pretty I don't want to, but I will do a review soon!

There we have it! Give or take, this is what I got for Christmas off all my gorgeous family and friends. I had a really lovely day and have been well and truly enjoying a break from work. Hope you all had a magical Christmas, leave links for your Christmas posts for me. Wishing you a positive and successful 2013!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Instagram Snaps

IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!! AHHHHHHHHH!! I am such a fan of Christmas, if you couldn't tell already... It's hard to blog during the festive period as there is so much to get done like eat mince pies, drink mulled wine or winter pimms (you have to try this if you haven't), buy and wrap gifts, see your fiends and family, burn Christmas candles, decorate trees and rooms, write and post cards and just get all christmassy up in here. So, I decided to share some recent Instagram snaps with y'all, so you can see some of what I have been upto recently! Hope you enjoy, you can follow me @Emmylouisejane if you want to! Merry Christmas!

My chosen Christmas cards from M&S - Some gifts I have wrapped - The pancakes my dad made for breakfast (not all mine!) - Mulled wine at London's Winter Wonderland - Joy Christmas decoration - My labels from Paperchase - A hazelnut hot chocolate and muffin from Starbucks after a successful shopping trip - December Glossybox - Posing with my christmassy jumper and hat

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

December's Christmas GLOSSYBOX

December's GLOSSYBOX arrived and it was very very exciting! I happened to have the day off work so managed to get the delivery (side note: how are nigh time postmen not a thing yet? Gap in the market there for sure) and test everything, yes EVERYTHING. Now that you are brimming with excitement for December's GLOSSYBOX I will reveal its beautiful contents for you...

 In case you're excited the bird and star didn't come with #sadface

 Extra Christmassy tissue paper


Super large insert this time with lots of extra discounts!

Rituals 'Magic Touch'
Oh my god. I have never ever smelt a cream so good in my life and no, I am not being extreme. Starting with my favourite of the beauty box, this cream is just amazing. Not only does it smell so good (Cherry Blossom, damn that blossom smells fine), but it's made with rice milk which basically means it gets soaked into your skin super fast. I don't know about you guys, but moisturising can be so annoying if you are in a rush! I actually tend to skip it all together if it means my skinny jeans will go past my ankles and not create a wallpaper paste situation, so this is perfect. No word of a lie this delicious whipped magic cream is the bomb. £15 for 200ml & £5 for 70ml, worth every penny.

Argentum Apothecary 'La potion infinie'
December's GLOSSYBOX two sachets of this face cream, which is always a little bit annoying when you see mini tubs on the site and then you get some teeny sachets (booooo). However, that might be because this little beauty treat will set you back £147 a 70ml tub - ouch. Despite being a pricey little tub the cream itself was really luxurious and you only need a tiny bit (thankfully) each time, so even my first little sachet has lasted ages (it's for men and women, so you could split the price with your boyfriend?!). It has a really unique smell that suits both males and females and it promises to tighten you face, which you should feel working asap. I can vouch for this tightening of face feeling, which i think is down to the 'Xanthan Gum' and 'Aloe Barbedensis leaf 'extract. Overall, if you have the money I would recommend. 

The sachets came in this little envelope
Hopefully you can read this as it tells you more & there is a little bird which is always nice

Mary Greenwell 'Lemon by Mary Greenwell Eau de Parfum'
Just like the face cream, this perfume came in a teeny little tester which was really annoying because it smells so nice! Unlike the burberry one from November's GLOSSYBOX which you can see here this sample was too small as it was gone after 3 sprays. Despite the lack of it though this perfume is full of citrus notes that last all day long, so thumbs up to that.

Like I said tiny, but a delicious scent

Seche 'Seche Nail Lacquer'
I managed to get my hands on a seriously cute pink shade called 'Precious' which is unlike any other pinks I already own. It's a baby pink with a gorgeous shimmer to it which I thought looked just girly and cute. It lasted quite a while before noticeably chipping too, which is amaze because all my nail varnish chips off normally!

Another creepy hand shot from me

Sleek Makeup 'True Colour Lipstick'
I realised today that some people got the Sleek eyeshadow palette in their box which I am major jealous of, but at least I got a lipstick! I got a really glamorous red called 'Stiletto' which makes me love it even more (it reminds me of a Louboutin shoe!). It's a matte lipstick which I think will look amazing on everyone. I am a bit of a lipstick lover, these are £4.99 and there are 12 shades.... ahhh!

This was a bonus item thrown in as a Christmas gift! It's an unusual colour blush, like I think it has a kind of purple tone to it?! I was really excited to try this out and it didn't disappoint as the colour is really cool and I am glad it's different to my usual Laura Mercier one I use in the daytime.

I have included some pose-y snaps of me with the lipstick and blusher on so you can see it in action *Warning - poser alert* Let me know what you think of December's GLOSSYBOX!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

John Frieda Sheer Blonde & Frizz-Ease Collection

Golden packaging for golden girls!

Focus on the bottle not my creepy looking hand and chipped nail varnish...

So I was very kindly sent some John Frieda products which was really exciting because I didn't think anyone would ever send me anything for this blog! (I'm still surprised people are finding it and reading it - shaaa-maaazing!). I got some John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo and conditioner and then a bottle of John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair serum, which I have been using all week so I could get a really good idea of the products.

Starting with the shampoo and conditioner, I thought they both had a great scent which is important because people do notice if your hair smells good and it can be distracting if you have a weird smelling hair product as you keep thinking 'urgh what is that?!'

The shampoo is quite thick in consistency (like a creamy texture), which can put me off some shampoos as I find they can coat your hair too much with the conditioner as well. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this shampoo as my hair felt really clean, fresh and all the product felt washed out fully. I also have crazy knotty hair due to the bleached highlights, so a good conditioner is really essential for me. I usually spray a leave in conditioner on my hair before I brush it through because it's impossible to brush otherwise. But, as I was testing this conditioner out I decided to see how brushable (real word?) my hair would be and I have to say it was pretty manageable! (I have genuinely had hairbrushes stuck in the knots before...).

One of the last points is that the shampoo and conditioner say they are 'highlight activating' which I don't really believe to be honest. I don't think there are any hair products that really brighten your highlights or give you a just-visited-the-salon look. Having said that though, my mum did say "Em, your hair looks very blonde and voluminous today" after I had used them, so maybe I am wrong and my hair is glowingly golden!

I've been using the hair serum on my hair when it's still wet and then blow drying it and it is officially my new favourite hair product! It smells so good, has added heat protection (amazing), de-frizzes and smooths, adds some moisture (blonde hair can be a bit straw like) and somehow adds a bit of extra volume, oomph and boost. If you have frizzy or flat hair and always forget to put heat protector on (naughty) then you deffo need this in your life! You only need a tiny squeeze of the serum, so it will last for ages which is great and at £4ish a bottle I think it's worth adding to your hair regime.

Overall, I would purchase these products and the hair serum was definitely the highlight for me. Have you used any of the John Frieda collection? What did you think?

Please note: Despite being gifted these items, I always intend to give 100% honest reviews on my blog because otherwise it's kind of pointless! I can't promise I will like everything I get so if you want to send me stuff its at your own peril! :)

It's just one of those days!

You know when you are having just one of those days? You know the kind where everything goes wrong? Well today is one of those days where a few things have been going wrong and I have been over-reacting big time, but I just can't snap out of it!

We all have those days where we know the source of the bad mood is ridiculous, but sometimes you have just got to embrace the pouty bottom lip and roll with it til you feel back to your usual happy self...

All images from weheartit

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Winter Warmers you can't do without

So this is a guest post that I hope you will enjoy! Cherrie has written it and it focuses on higher end products which you won't see much of on my blog - from me - because I don't have that kind of money (unfortunately!). If you're like me we can still dream can't we? Enjoy!

The chilly winter weather means that warm outerwear is essential at this time of year. Accessories that keep you cosy whilst looking stylish should be top of every girls’ list, yet this is also the time to have fun with fashion: the Christmas season is perhaps the only time when the odd novelty item is permitted! 

The basis of your look though, should ooze chic, and what better way to achieve this than with designer labels? For unique pieces head to Avenue 32, an online store featuring a selection of up-and-coming and established names. Animal prints seem never to go out of fashion, and this scarf by Lara Bohinc is a great way to show off the trend. This artisan number is not too bulky, meaning it will be a great transitional piece as the New Year brings with it the changing seasons.
A snug hat is the perfect way to keep warm and will help protect hair from any snowfall we might experience too. Look for a hat which keeps your ears warm, like this fur beanie by Hockley. The supple material can be pulled down around the ears, and sits elegantly on the head, whilst adding a bit of fun to a look with its traditional bobble feature. The icy green colour is winter-appropriate and would look fab matched with a handbag in a similar minty tone.
Those looking to work more humour into their style won’t go far wrong with this cute fox scarf, by Donna Wilson. Resembling a fox pelt, this fun animal-friendly number is created from 100% lambswool and knitted in Scotland. Wrapping yourself in this cosy scarf each morning is sure to bring a smile to your face, and whilst the grey version keeps things low-key, the bright red alternative is sure to turn heads.
Trying to text and email on the go can be an impossible task with freezing fingers, so invest in some high quality gloves this season. Those which keep hands toasty and also allow for movement are best, so look for slim-fitting pairs in supple fabrics. Traditional Brit brand Dents still reign supreme in the glove department, as shown by this leopard print pair. Lined with luxurious silk, these leather gloves allow for easy texting and guarantee hands are protected from the weather
Don’t neglect your pins when you step out to face the cold and, if not in jeans or trousers, make sure you invest in a thick pair of tights. Established name Falke are the go-to brand for hosiery with a range of patterned and plain pairs which can be worn time and again. These soft merino tights are crafted from a merino wool blend, so feel super soft against the skin and have a subtle stretch. Although available in other colours, we love the red-hued Barolo pair, which look appropriately festive without straying into Christmas elf territory!

Brighten up your look, stay stylish and keep cosy with these essential winter warmers.

I love the scarf and that hat looks ridiculously warm and cosy! Let me know what you think of Cherrie's designer post and if you would splash the cash on any of these little beauts.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Random acts of kindness

Image from weheartit

I finished University in June this year and fortunately managed to get a full-time job for when I finished, meaning I have been working full time for 6 months at the end of December. Like most students I have been absolutely skint for the past four years, relying on my overdraft and only shopping in clothes shops where there is student discount (not that its always cheaper!). However, I now have a nice income coming in each month, a savings account (yawn) and I am paying of the overdraft (slowly).

Having this disposable income around Christmas time made me think of all the people who are truly skint this Christmas and how that might not change anytime soon. Although I work hard for the money I get and have been through university to get a degree etc there are so many people who don't even have the opportunity to get as far as that, which is where my 'Random act of kindness' was born. I have decided that I want to make a difference this Christmas and help some people who are less fortunate than myself.

I have chosen to help the homeless this year for many reasons. One of the most obvious reasons for helping the homeless in the winter is the weather! I was muttering under my breath this morning when my car needed defrosting and wouldn't start, but imagine having to sleep outside? Not good. I have decided to donate to the local hostel that provide hot drinks and snacks to the homeless this Christmas, as well as putting together some Christmas care packages/gifts for those that will be visiting the shelter this year. It's actually pretty easy and cost effective as you can donate tea, biscuits, coffee, sugar, sweets, toiletries, rucksacks and gloves which you can find on deals or at local discount stores. And it's always nice to see your good deed being used straight away!

I was telling my best bud Lauren about this idea over dinner last night when we were tucking into an epic pizza at ZiZi's (note to self: the pizzas are massive there, you do not need one each). When we were leaving the restaurant we had almost a whole pizza in a take away box when we came across a homeless woman and her dog in the freezing cold. After the conversation about helping others and the size of our post pizza tummy's, we decided to give her our pizza, which was hilarious. For two reasons, firstly because she said 'Urm, what's on it?' which made me laugh as I was like 'Really?! You're being picky right now' and then because Lauren recited the exact description from the menu 'This pizza features a slow cured Italian ham and Buffalo mozzarella topped with a generous sprinkling of rocket'.

After she fondled both pizzas and kept insisting we kept one half, she finally accepted the offer. Walking away she said 'Are any of them spicy?!'. We showed her the one that featured jalapeno peppers and said 'Do not give that one to the dog!!'. We finally left in stitches and praying our good deed wouldn't go bad in the form of a dog dying via death by jalapeno pepper, fingers crossed!

If you want some other ideas of how you can help others this Christmas, you can:

Volunteer: You can work at a soup kitchen, charity parties, church etc

Give blood: This is something I do regularly and it literally takes 10mins to do and could save a life. The winter is the worst time for blood stocks, but its this time of the year where people need it most. If you are in need of the 'feel good factor' this is a great one to try as you really do make an immediate difference. Also, anyone scared of needles or seeing their own blood I can reassure you that the nurses are SO good and they do it in a way that you will hardly notice you're even giving blood

Care Packages: You can make or donate money to send gifts to sick children, old people and soldiers through various charities

Send Christmas cards: You can do something simple like spread the joy of Christmas through cards to as many people as you want. If you decide to send to strangers, you need to make sure they don't sound creepy as stalker-vibes deffo kill the Christmas spirit

Donate: You can donate money, clothes, time or items to various charities, just pick one you want to support!

Let me know if you decide to take part in any 'Random acts of kindness' this Christmas!

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