Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas gifts

I've been enjoying reading what everyone got off the big man in red this Christmas, aren't we all spoilt! So, I thought I would share some snaps of what I received this Christmas, so I can look back and remember how lucky I am to have all these amazing people in my life, who also have amazing taste in gifts ;) (some of my photos are a little dark because I took them at night - not my best idea so far I know)

I got these cute lights from Wilkinsons - Kardashian top from DP - River Island earrings (I think they are the kids range which means they are only a few pounds!) - Lindt snowman & bear - Benefit Erase Paste - A romantic card from my boyfriend with a note saying tickets to The Brits! Eeeek! - A new book, which is good so far - Gorgeous bracelets on top of a thank you card - Last is the tag on my 'gifts from santa' (very similar handwriting to my mum...)

I didn't get this Chocolate log as a gift, I just ate it on xmas day and thought I would share! My aunty made it and it was soooo yummy - My dad now works in London & got us all a 'I Love London' tee - Hotel Chocolat chocs - A gorgeous Mac nude lipstick & red Topshop Lipstick - Funky tights - A big & little Fiorelli handbag - More chocolate!! - 1001 cocktail book, Topshop chain belt, Topshop nail varnish & lipstick and the most amazing hairbrush...Tangle Teezer!

Because Dior should always have the spotlight, here is the beautiful gift I got from my boyfriends family (well i'm sure his mum picked it). I haven't actually used the bronzer yet because its so pretty I don't want to, but I will do a review soon!

There we have it! Give or take, this is what I got for Christmas off all my gorgeous family and friends. I had a really lovely day and have been well and truly enjoying a break from work. Hope you all had a magical Christmas, leave links for your Christmas posts for me. Wishing you a positive and successful 2013!


  1. You got some beautiful items! I can't wait to try the Dior bronzer as well! All the best in 2013! :)

    1. Thanks! I know it looks amazing, let me know what you think of it. Have a great new years eve :)

  2. fabulous gifts!



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