Wednesday, 19 December 2012

December's Christmas GLOSSYBOX

December's GLOSSYBOX arrived and it was very very exciting! I happened to have the day off work so managed to get the delivery (side note: how are nigh time postmen not a thing yet? Gap in the market there for sure) and test everything, yes EVERYTHING. Now that you are brimming with excitement for December's GLOSSYBOX I will reveal its beautiful contents for you...

 In case you're excited the bird and star didn't come with #sadface

 Extra Christmassy tissue paper


Super large insert this time with lots of extra discounts!

Rituals 'Magic Touch'
Oh my god. I have never ever smelt a cream so good in my life and no, I am not being extreme. Starting with my favourite of the beauty box, this cream is just amazing. Not only does it smell so good (Cherry Blossom, damn that blossom smells fine), but it's made with rice milk which basically means it gets soaked into your skin super fast. I don't know about you guys, but moisturising can be so annoying if you are in a rush! I actually tend to skip it all together if it means my skinny jeans will go past my ankles and not create a wallpaper paste situation, so this is perfect. No word of a lie this delicious whipped magic cream is the bomb. £15 for 200ml & £5 for 70ml, worth every penny.

Argentum Apothecary 'La potion infinie'
December's GLOSSYBOX two sachets of this face cream, which is always a little bit annoying when you see mini tubs on the site and then you get some teeny sachets (booooo). However, that might be because this little beauty treat will set you back £147 a 70ml tub - ouch. Despite being a pricey little tub the cream itself was really luxurious and you only need a tiny bit (thankfully) each time, so even my first little sachet has lasted ages (it's for men and women, so you could split the price with your boyfriend?!). It has a really unique smell that suits both males and females and it promises to tighten you face, which you should feel working asap. I can vouch for this tightening of face feeling, which i think is down to the 'Xanthan Gum' and 'Aloe Barbedensis leaf 'extract. Overall, if you have the money I would recommend. 

The sachets came in this little envelope
Hopefully you can read this as it tells you more & there is a little bird which is always nice

Mary Greenwell 'Lemon by Mary Greenwell Eau de Parfum'
Just like the face cream, this perfume came in a teeny little tester which was really annoying because it smells so nice! Unlike the burberry one from November's GLOSSYBOX which you can see here this sample was too small as it was gone after 3 sprays. Despite the lack of it though this perfume is full of citrus notes that last all day long, so thumbs up to that.

Like I said tiny, but a delicious scent

Seche 'Seche Nail Lacquer'
I managed to get my hands on a seriously cute pink shade called 'Precious' which is unlike any other pinks I already own. It's a baby pink with a gorgeous shimmer to it which I thought looked just girly and cute. It lasted quite a while before noticeably chipping too, which is amaze because all my nail varnish chips off normally!

Another creepy hand shot from me

Sleek Makeup 'True Colour Lipstick'
I realised today that some people got the Sleek eyeshadow palette in their box which I am major jealous of, but at least I got a lipstick! I got a really glamorous red called 'Stiletto' which makes me love it even more (it reminds me of a Louboutin shoe!). It's a matte lipstick which I think will look amazing on everyone. I am a bit of a lipstick lover, these are £4.99 and there are 12 shades.... ahhh!

This was a bonus item thrown in as a Christmas gift! It's an unusual colour blush, like I think it has a kind of purple tone to it?! I was really excited to try this out and it didn't disappoint as the colour is really cool and I am glad it's different to my usual Laura Mercier one I use in the daytime.

I have included some pose-y snaps of me with the lipstick and blusher on so you can see it in action *Warning - poser alert* Let me know what you think of December's GLOSSYBOX!


  1. I unsubscribed to Glossy Box and now have Jolie Box, this one does look rather nice!(:

    P.S My give away closes on the 22nd be sure to enter!

  2. You are so pretty the sleek lipstick suits you!

    1. Thats so sweet, thank you! The lipsticks are really good, this one didnt budge after a few christmas drinks :) love your blog btw x


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