Monday, 17 June 2013

The Summer Edit: Bikini's

As I will be heading off on holiday at the end of the week I thought it was the perfect time to run through the summer essentials and well non-essentials I have been purchasing in preparation. I'm going to split it into sections so it doesn't become one long post, starting with bikinis!

I have three new bikinis for my holidays this year...

This bikini is pretty simple and doesn't really look like much flung on my decking, but it is so flattering! If you are quite small and bottom heavy (junk in da trunk) like me, I would really recommend this bikini. The small bow detailing makes you look smaller on the bottom and bigger on the top and I think navy is a classic colour for a summer bikini. I've had a few ASOS bikinis in the past and I think they are great quality and there is so much choice, took me forever to decide.

H&M Bikini Top - £10 ish (Can't remember)
H&M Bikini Bottoms - £7.99

The H&M website is terrible for locating stuff, so sorry guys can't link the top! Again, my decking is doing this bikini no justice with it flung on there, cuz that bikini top is gorgeous. It genuinely looks designer with the rose gold zip and paneling and I'm pretty sure it was £10ish. It does come with matching bottoms, but I didn't like them as they had a gigantic piece of elastic as the waistband - wtf - so I opted for these standard black ones. 

Neon Coral Bikini £7.99 bottoms, £9.99 top (no link again)

This was a last minute purchase from H&M and is deffo a post tan bikini as it is so bright! It was magically sunny in the UK this afternoon, so the sun makes it look lighter than it is in this picture (think neon coral!). It has cute little gold details to make it look a bit more expensive and again it's a good shape. I am a bit gutted though, as I found out my best mate who has the body of a model also has the same one. I might end up saving this for my trip to Spain later on in the year when she isn't there and I have utilised my gym membership more effectively! haha.

Talking of the gym, I have spinning very soon so I shall head off (have you been spinning before? It is hell on a bike. Like a never ending ride to doom - why am I going?!), let me know what bikini and general holiday essentials you have been buying, link me up!

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  1. WOW, loving the rose gold zip on the second bikini. Never seen a design like that before, such a bargain too. I need it for my hols next week haha!

    Hope you're well Emmy :)

    Amy Georgette


  2. love your travel destinations :)

    Stop by sometime, xo Natalie

  3. Ohhh love the top bikini, its gorgeous!x

  4. wow I love the first one with the little bows, lovely post thank you xx

  5. lovely post! i love all of the bikinis

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin

  6. the asos bikini is gorgeous! great post! Im excited for summer now!


  7. The first bikini is so cute <3 I love anything navy :) xx


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