Sunday, 2 June 2013

Remember me?

I have been a terrible blogger recently! I've had loads of new changes where I work, so I have been super busy on trips to London, new projects and a bigger workload. On top of that it has been everyone's birthdays and my family have been arriving left, right and centre to hang out! So much so, it's already June!! (time flies etc etc). Have no fear though, I am back and I'm back with some new blog post ideas - boo yeah. 

To tide you lovely followers (if you are still with me) here's some snaps and general things I have been up to in my brief absence:

Last year my Nan booked a holiday, but then had a stroke on the day we we're going (she's completely fine, she said she just got too excited and then spent the time in hospital moaning about why we hadn't just carried on with the plan!), so now she has recovered pretty much fully she was keen to get us all booked in somewhere else. Over the bank holiday weekend, me and 15 members of my family headed down/up and across to Sidmouth, Devon. It was glorious weather and we all had so much fun.

 Hope of a beach body went right out the window this weekend!


We all ate a lot, drank a lot and chatted a lot, only pausing to breath in the sea air. 

Beauty and such related I have been raiding boots in my normal fashion (I'm sure I must be some kind of shareholder now with the amount I spend) and trying to get some holiday stuff together wherever possible for my trip to Croatia in 2ish weeks! I'm still writing for London Beauty Hub too, so if you haven't been over to check the site out you can see my latest post on festival beauty favs here.

Also, whilst running around H&M in the week I noticed they are doing a scheme where you can take a carrier bag of clothes (worn, with holes, bits of rags, re-usable etc) and get a £5 voucher off your next £30 spend. I always worry that my clothes don't get recycled properly (huge fashion industry problem!) so this is perfect because you can recycle and buy, whilst doing your little bit! (more details here).

That's it from me, leave your links for me below so I can check out your blogs and stay tuned for some regular posts - promise ;)


  1. love your photos! the food looks super tasty..

    and it´s ok to be away from the blog sometimes :D ♥

  2. Your pictures are just beautiful, they're so so nice.

    Kelly ||

  3. lovely photos x

  4. Gorgeous pictures, I'm so glad your nan ok, a few family members have had strokes and it's horrible.


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