Friday, 12 July 2013

Pimms o' clock

Suffering from serious buyers regret as i type this...just spent around £200 online at ASOS and Boots - oops! It's funny how we all get buyers regret when we splurge, yet most of us (including me) are spending our own money that we have earned. I still justify every-single-piece of clothing to my mum and I'm 23 with a full time job, old habits?

Anywayyyy, off topic! This is a random post, but as the sun is shining and the drinks are flowing etc etc I just felt like a montage of Pimms was appropriate. I LOVE Pimms!

All photos weheartit accept hard rock shot, which is my own skills

In case you've never let this sublime drink touch your taste buds or even heard of Pimms o Clock you will need: 

Pimms or Austins (which is the Aldi cheap version and da bomb)
I add Lime too (live life on the edge)

Basically, pop some ice at the bottom of the glass or pitcher (you crazy kid), fill with an appropriate amount of Pimms, slice and plonk the fruit in (don't just stand there juggling it), fill up the rest of the glass or pitcher with lemonade and add some torn mint, then garnish with fancy straws, umbrellas etc and enjoy! 

If you're not into strong alcoholic flavors (it is strong though, which I didn't realise!) and are after something that defines summer, this is your drink. On that note, enjoy the sunshine and let me know your fav drinks for summer below (alcoholic and non). 


  1. Lovely pictures, I love Pimms! x

  2. This looks so good! I wanna try some right now! Beautiful pictures.

  3. haha i always feel i have to ask permission when buying stuffx

  4. Ohhh yum looks delicious :)
    I cant wait for pay day...ASOS/missguided are calling!x

  5. Mmm I absolutely love Pimms but only ever seem to buy it when it's sunny meaning I hardly ever buy it (Damn British weather!) I've never tried the Aldi one but someone told me it was nicer than the regular so will have to give it a go rather than splashing out on the actual one!

  6. Looks delicious, great photos as well!


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