Saturday, 22 February 2014

Recently Bought #4

As mentioned I am moving to London next month to start my new job (eek). They wear casual clothes in the office, so obviously I have been picking up some new bits and pieces. Here's what I have so far (I say so far because it is only going to get worse)...

This top from ASOS is so cool. They didn't have a size 10 left and I didn't want to get an 8 in case it was too tight, so this is actually from the maternity section ha. It fits really well though, just hope I haven't pre-empted anything there!

I loveee berry knitwear and to date have been stealing my sisters jumper, which is very similar to this. This one fits snuggly on the arms and then flows down nice and flattering on your body. It's also not to thick that you need to remove all your clothes when you get in the building after racing to work. 

I'm one of those people. This is a Ramones band t-shirt and I don't really listen to the Ramones. Kill me now huh? I didn't know it was until I got it as I just hurled it in the basket as a throw over jeans t-shirt. It's cool though and I'll learn a few songs for when people ask me. 

Bah, this is so creased! Also, I clearly can't hang clothes straight. This was a bargain and looks so good underneath the berry jumper. 

Still not sure about the back flaps on this Warehouse jumper haha but it fits really well and looks pretty cool. It's a thin knit with leather piping, which gives it a bit of somethin-somethin. Obviously not enough for the designers though "This jumper is missing something.... What about some flaps/wings?! Genius"

Oversized t-shirts are the bomb aren't they? They just go with everything! Leggings, jeans, jeggings and all kinds of other cross-bred clothing options. This is a coffee-nude colour, which really drew me in. Already had lots of compliments and I look cooler than I actually am.

My camera hates this print, it's freaking my eyes out. These are from H&M and they are so flattering! I wore them to a few interviews as I was going for marketing/creative jobs and I didn't want to look to suited up, yet still smart. I will deffo be rocking these on a night out with some chunky heels v.soon.

You're eyes are not playing tricks, this is the same jumper as the berry one, but in navy. I got this one first and loved it. I'm really into navy at the moment as an alternative to black, especially as I feel like all I wear is black sometimes. 

Creased, again. This Illustrated People sweatshirt is just too cute. It has a fleece lining too, so it is super cosy and again means I'm not always wearing black!

Hope you liked this clothing haul, I'm sure there is more to come. Let me know if you have posted any hauls or have any lust posts, as I am still looking out for some new clothes!


  1. That first top the ASOS one is actually stunning, you have great taste!! xx

    1. Thank you! It looks so cool on, pleased!

  2. I love the berry and navy jumpers. Jumpers are literally all I wear at the moment haha. I've just done a bigish Primark haul where I basically bought jumpers and T-shirts, oooops.
    You've got some lovely clothes here :D great post xxx

    Sarah Speaks

    1. haha same! I'm checking out your haul right now :)

  3. Great picks, I love the first top! I only realised maternity wear is actually not that obviously maternity when I was in the early days of pregnancy and found that it just looks slightly more floaty sometimes?! Haha xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty

  4. Sweaters & tees!! Ahh so good! Gotta like finding a nice cozy sweater or casual tee :)
    And wow congrats on the new job!! That's awesome! Psshh living in London would be SO cool!! :D

    Cachoo Joo

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