Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Life Lately...

Liberty - Brunch at Balthazar - Lunch at Bob Bob Ricard

Quote along Clueless at Prince Charles Cinema - London Marathon - Cocktails at Wahaca - Shopping in topshop (wearing Zara)

Since moving to London, I've been trying to make the most of all the cool places available on my doorstep and so far I have been having a wonderful time falling in love with this city. Some highlights you ask? 

  • Liberty. I love this store. I walk past it every day and it's just as beautiful outside as it is in.
  • Definitely treat yourself to brunch at Balthazar, it is expensive but so worth it. 
  • The food at Bob Bob Ricard wasn't that amazing and v.expensive, but it's a good experience and I loved the champagne button.
  • I went to see Clueless (As if!) at the Prince Charles Cinema. Hold up! A quote along screening people. It was brilliant. They also have a sing along screening of the Spice Girls movie coming up that has my name all over it. When two become one....
  • The London Marathon was so inspiring and also so emotional. I saw a very old man running it (amazing) who had suffered from a stroke in the past and was raising money for stroke victims (even more amazing) and I just wanted to be his best friend. Everyone who ran - bravo. 
  • Cocktails with my mum and dad and lots of Mexican food. It was my birthday last week, so some of this was bday related including a mid week visit to Wahaca courtesy of my rents. 
  • Shopping! Enough said. 
  • Finally, I went to see Jersey Boys at the Piccadilly theatre and it was so amazing. By far the best musical I have seen and I just wanted to stay and watch it over and over again. A real must see. 
Hope you are all having good weeks, any plans for Easter?


  1. I love the PCC and went to one of the Spice World singalongs before Christmas. It was amazing. I was a huge fan when I was about 11 and seeing the film again as an adult was so funny, I still knew a lot of the words!

    1. Amazing! Same, such a huge fan when I was younger, so can't wait.

  2. The PCC is the best! I saw the Labyrinth there once and as it's my favourite film it was a bit of a dream come true :)

    Watching the Marathon must have been fantastic. The Great North Run goes right past our flat so I'm thinking of heading out to watch it if the weather is OK :)

    Chloe x

  3. Press for Champagne
    I'll have one of those please x

  4. Lovely photos! Great blog as well!



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