Sunday, 6 April 2014

Review: & Other Stories Makeup

If you haven't popped into & Other Stories then you really should make a trip. It's a shop for the cool cats, full of high-end inspired fashion cuts and a great vibe. For the beauty buffs, there are testers galore and cute sinks where you can wash off all the lipstick swatches (why isn't this everywhere?).

On my latest trip I picked up two eye shadows and a lipstick to test out the beauty range available. First off, I love the packaging. The lipstick especially feels pretty lux, but it's the font and style are right up my street. I plumped for 'Birrus Rust' a gorgeous coppery red shadow, 'Shetland Brown' a dark bronzy brown shadow and 'Sempiternum Brick' a peachy coral lipstick. All totally beautiful, with 'Birrus Rust' being my fav.

Onto the details. The shadows are £7.00 each and lipsticks £12.00 each, so not exactly cheap. I probably wouldn't recommend the lipsticks over other alternatives at that price and the shadows, whilst being gorgeous don't have the best lasting power. I can't deny my love for 'Birrus Rust' tho, so if you want to cast your own verdict I would recommend this particular shade. 

Have you been to & Other Stories? What were your thoughts?


  1. I never really considered buying make up from & other stories but I will definitely have a look at their range next time I am there.

    Vivi xx

  2. Humm, sound like not the best deal as the eyeshaddows are the same price as MAC, which we all know are fantastic quality. Think I'll pass on this one! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  3. i love how & other stories package their makeup

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