Friday, 22 February 2013

M&S Bra Fitting: Save £5!

All baps, boobies, coconuts, breasts, tits, mosquito bites or juicy juicy mangoes need to be concealed in a good fitting and preferably sexy bit of lingerie. I had got to that point where my underwear was looking a bit desperate and I needed to go and get fitted for the best size and style, so today was that day.

I headed to M&S because they always have loads of great underwear that's not just for the golden oldies. I booked a bra fitting appointment (I think you have to book a time at most places) and left with some gorgeous underwear at the right size and a good price - winning!

I thought I would do this post as they are offering £5 off when you spend £30 on lingerie after you've been fitted at M&S (I spent about £70 and they were legends and did two transactions, so I saved £10!). It literally took about 40mins in total after I tried a bunch of stuff on and the lady that was helping me was lovely. I definitely recommend going if you are in need of a little boost ;)

Ps. For anyone who is worried, you don't take your bra off. They simply measure under the bust and then they pick two cup sizes they think you are and look and see which fits you best! You will be surprised how wrong you can get it and how much one style can look amazing and another not so much.


  1. I really need to go in for a fitting soon, I'm in the same situation as you was, haha! I bet you got some nice pieces, I really like the bra's at marks and spencers.
    and that's so cute how they did it through two transactions for you! :)


  2. Great post girl! I agree, everyone should get sized for a properly fitted bra or it's just a waste of money in my eyes!!! I love VS bras, they fit incredible! xox

  3. Just come across your blog now and I totally agree with you, M&S do fabulous underwear which is comfortable and sexy, great prices and they're super friendly!
    Lots of love
    Kate xo


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