Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Trends I won't be wearing...

Trends I won't be wearing

First time I have used this polyvore thing, so we will see how it goes! In light of Fashion Week I thought I would do a post to highlight some of the trends I won't be jumping on board with and some that I will. Let's crack on....

I won't be wearing...

Neon beanie hats - I don't dislike them and I think many people are working this trend right now. However, I have a massive forehead, so this is like walking round with a neon sign pointing that out - not good. 

Wedged trainers - Again, loads of people working this! I am a bit like that Peter Kay 'Garlic Bread' sketch with this trend though - wedge? trainer? a wedged trainer?! No no no. (if you haven't seen that sketch then click here it's the whole section, but worth a watch!).

70's hair - Like most people I try constantly to make my hair big, but not frizzy. Now that's a trend, who knew?

I will be wearing...

Flower crowns - Crown and glory have this covered (here) in every way possible. Is it wrong that I want them all? How many flower crowns worn all at once is acceptable/fashion forward? 

Neon shirts - Forever21 have some great ones in at the moment around £15 that I will definitely be getting my hands on. I love shirts and I think a pop of neon behind a jumper or just all out in the summer with a tan (hopefully) is a winning combo.

Sports Luxe - As I won't be strutting in some wedged trainers I thought the next best way to embrace the sporty influence on fashion at the moment has to be sports luxe. I saw this amazing jacket from Diesel in Selfridges at the weekend, so I will be keeping an eye out for a cheaper version. 

Hope y'all enjoyed this post! Bit different from my usual kind, but I was suffering from chronic LFW envy. What trends are you all going against and embracing this season?


  1. Can you have sports luxe without trainer wedges?

    Never though would like them but I love mine!

    Be great if you could check out my post on | How to style the graphic jumper for SS13

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    Thanks! Charlie xx

    1. Haha good point. You know when you are sure you're just not cool enough to pull it off? That's me! x

  2. I don't like wedge runners either, they just don't do it for me haha x

    1. I'm just not cool enough i dont't think! x

  3. Refreshing to see someone post about what they won't wear ! lol. The only wedge like trainers I have are the River Island "Isabel Marant" look a like. I wore them a few times, but now I'm kind of over them ;)

    1. Haha thanks. Yeah i know what u mean you have to be careful with trends and decide which ones have a true spot in your wardrobe! Xx

  4. Love your blog :D New Follower

    ♥ Anusha

  5. Brilliant idea to post what you won't be wearing. I think it's too easy to get hooked into a trend just because everyone is wearing it! xxx

  6. You are stunning and your blog is precious! You also have pretty awesome taste. I am now following!
    If you could give me your thoughts on my latest post that would rock! If you want to follow that would be even better!

  7. Haha, great post. I wear my beanies on the back of my head, but if you are conscious of your forehead you could just pull one half way down!

  8. Great idea to do what you won't be wearing!
    I hate them wedged trainers too, I just don't see the point! :')


  9. Loving all these trends at the moment!
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    Thank you :D
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  10. OMG I also DISLIKE those neon beanie hats,
    brilliant post.

  11. I love floral crowns! I've just done a post on them check it out if you'd like.

    P.S, I'm your newest follower.


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