Friday, 1 February 2013

Lipstick Love

I've seen a few people posting their favourite lippies and so I thought 'Oh heyyy bandwagon, wait up there! I'm hopping on'. I intend to give you an idea about the lippies I have chosen via the following technical terms 'smudge-ability', 'pocket-emptier' and 'wow-factor'.

From left to right we have:

Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte No 107 - Everyone and their granny owns this little beast. It has definitely been difficult to get hold off since all the bloggers have been raving about it (I only just got mine, last week's #TreatTuesday). It's a raspberry/wine red colour, that adds a bit of glamour without being as bright as other reds. If bright did-you-know-im-wearing-lipstick-my-teeth-are-so-white-i'm-blind lipsticks aren't really your thang, then this would probably suit you well (just be prepared for the treasure hunt finding one).

smudge-ability: Like most reds, you can go from Hollywood starlet to the star of a zombie movie in a matter of moments. This lipstick isn't as matte as some out there, so don't kiss anyone too passionately before the end of the night! Having said that though, I think all the Kate Moss lipsticks are good at staying on without you having to re-apply a billion times, even after a few drinks
pocket-emptier: Just over £5 at Boots means your pockets aren't too empty, even if you buy the whole collection AND you get points - good times (I'm not encouraging that behaviour...)
wow-factor: The fact that everyone has this doesn't take away from the wow factor. It's perfect for the day or night and will definitely get some head's turning.

Topshop 'Hazard' - This is a classic sports car red that makes your make up pop with glamour. It's a matte lipstick, so you can go heavy on the highlighter elsewhere and not look shiny. This is one of my favourite Hollywood glamour lipsticks, which I would totally recommend.

smudge-ability: Again like most reds, it can be disastrous, but this one is very matte, so really does stay put. I do find that after a few hours it does start to go a bit funny, so you have to re-apply a few times.
pocket-emptier: It's priced at £8, which you can find here so not too pricey, but I'm not sure I would opt for the Topshop lippies over the Rimmel ones as all rounders.
wow-factor: Hollywood glamour at its best.

Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipstick in 'Rouge Intemporel/78' - Another Red! (I actually only had one or two reds and then got loads as gifts - from me to me - all in one go!) I have reviewed this one here. To recap, it is a purple kind of tone (i think so anyway) and really does look gorgeous on. It has a glossier finish than the other ones mentioned, giving a different look altogether. It also has beautiful packaging, which makes it feel very expensive.

smudge-ability: This one is a bit of a smudger as it's glossier, but it doesn't seem to loose its pigment (you might just have it round your face, reaaaaaally brightly).
pocket-emptier: I think the sweet kiss ones are £7.99, which again isn't too dear on the pocket. Plus, they feel like they are much more expensive in terms of packaging and finish.
wow-factor: I get loads of compliments when this lipstick is on and my friends always try and steal it, so it definitely has the wow-factor.

Natural Collection Sheer Natural in 'Sand' - This is a great nude lipstick for in the day when you want something really subtle. It has a touch of gloss and is super creamy, so it really feels like its nourishing rather than drying your lips out. I have re-purchased this one a fair few times, so that says something!

smudge-ability: It stays put and you only need to re-apply a few times meaning it lasts for ages.
pocket-emptier: 'SHUT THE DOOR!' this beaut comes in at just £1.99, absolute bargain.
wow-factor: I think this lipstick gives a different kind of wow-factor, as it enhances natural beauty and helps you achieve a polished natural look.

Same order, but from wrist upward!

Sleek 'Stiletto' - I got this in one of my GLOSSYBOX's (another red!) and I was really excited to try it, as I don't have much Sleek make up. It's a matte lipstick, in a really glamorous red called 'Stiletto' which makes me love it even more (it reminds me of a Louboutin shoe!).

smudge-ability: This has real staying power and just doesn't seem to budge or even need re-applying. If you need a red lipstick for a cocktail party or night out, this one has it covered.
pocket-emptier: These are £4.99 and there are 12 shades....amazing.
wow-factor: Like Topshop's 'Hazard this one projects classic Hollywood glamour.

Mac Cremesheen in 'Creme D'Nude' - I got this for Christmas and I really do love it. I think nude lipsticks are hard to get right because you don't want to conceal your lips completely (did anyone used to put foundation/concealer on theirs too?! The shame!). This is subtle with slight gloss and it smells amazing.

smudge-ability: Stays on great with only a few new applications needed. It also stays looking nice and glossy and doesn't dry out.
pocket-emptier: The most expensive of the lot at £14. I got my mum to get this during Debenhams 20% off sale, so make sure you look out for those throughout the year.
wow-factor: This lipstick makes you feel pretty and definitely gives a basic-natural every day look something extra.

A picture of my nan looking very Hollywood
Hope you all enjoyed this post, let me know some of your recommendations and what you think of the ones I have mentioned too!


  1. I don't own 107! I can't find it :( It's such a beauty x

    1. It's hard to get! I had to look through the whole rack of lipsticks haha x

  2. such gorgeous shades!! I would love to be able to rock reds but they just dont suit me :( xx

    1. Ahh you should try one of these darker wine reds I think they would def suit you! x

  3. I need to try the 107 one! I love bourjouis lipsticks but rebel by mac is my favourite at the moment xx

  4. absolutely love lipstick fave posts, i might have to do one... x

  5. i love topshop lipsticks! they're the best

    from helen at thelovecatsinc // youtube

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win the UD naked basics palette, real techniques brushes and essie polishes! click here.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, love yours! Your clothes are amazing x

  6. Great Post hun. I really want to pick up that Kate Moss lipstick xx

  7. Rimmel totally scored a beauty with 107. I hope they NEVER stop making it :)x


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