Thursday, 1 August 2013

California Dreaming

So, you know I said work had got pretty busy? Well, last week I was in LA for a week long digital art exhibition and a whole host of meetings. I didn't get much downtime unfortunately, but here's a few pictures of sunny LA that I managed to capture.

 Huntington Beach
 LEGO! At the Lego shop in LA Disney (where the exhibition and hotel was!)
 View from a dinner meeting at the Jazz Kitchen
 Surf Comp at Huntington Beach
 The gorgeous Santa Monica
My favourite fries ever

What did I learn in LA then? 

- Fries with nacho cheese are amazing, why don't we put nacho cheese on everything? 
- Life is 100% better when it's sunny, even if you have work
- American people are either insanely skinny or of the cuddly persuasion - dedication both ways!
- I want to live in Santa Monica
- Everyone is overjoyed at Disney
- You can make anything out of LEGO
- Americans LOVE the royal family, a LOT (especially Diana) 
- A British accent immediately makes you smarter, hotter and more likable in LA - score!
- Don't ever go downtown in Hollywood, unless crystal meth, homelessness and a dash of genuine crazy is what your into... 


  1. Great pics !
    Ive never been to LA but it looks really cool!

    1. I would deffo go back, hopefully on holiday not with work! ;)

  2. Your photos are gorgeous! I have always wanted to visit there -!


  3. haha great things you've learned in LA, I went when I was travelling in the US a few years back and I liked LA but preferred San Fran! :)

    B xx

  4. jealous barely covers my emotions right now xx

  5. Those pictures are gorgeous! And your blog is great, I really like it!


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