Monday, 2 December 2013

Motivation Monday

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When Monday crashes round and hits me in the face, I am sometimes in need of a little motivation. A pick me up if you will. This Monday is no different, so I thought I would share some quotes that made me think 'come on!'. Don't get me wrong I have a great life, but I think everyone has those 'what the Moses am I s'pose to be doing with this thing called life right now?!' moments. Everything feels quite mapped out, you go to school, college, job or uni and then it's like 'You're on your own Kid.'

I think I am still looking for that pathway through the woods at the moment. But, I'm OK with that, you have to have a journey and all that after all (in case you ever want to enter a talent contest - journeys are essential there). It's important to remain hungry and ambitious, but also to remember how good you are right now, in this moment. I bet you're pretty darn great. 


  1. I really needed this! Thanks :)

    Hope you don't mind hun but I have really been enjoying your blog recently so I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award! I have posted a link to it, would be lovely if you take part :)


    1. oo i just saw this! That's so sweet, thank you :) :) x

  2. LOVEE THE LAST QUOTE! we are all enough :)
    would u like to follow each other?
    following you now

  3. Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing, and hope you find your way throught the woods soon! xx

    What's trend*?


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