Monday, 23 December 2013

Winter lips.

I love how festive everyone looks during the winter months and a sweep of colour across your lips is a great way to spice up your everyday makeup ready for the Christmas party season. These are my favorite lip products right now...

Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Gloss in Stellar Berry. I literally wear this so much! I am one of those avid lip gloss haters as well, so this is quite surprising. I cant stand them if they are too shiny or sticky in anyway possible. This gloss is just perfect. I don't notice it on my lips and when it starts to fade after a cocktail or two (ok, maybe more...), there's still a nice stain on your lips. Love, love, LOVE. You can actually see the colour better in this fotd post, it's raining so hard here my room is like a cave!

Rimmel Kate Moss 01. Everyone needs a classic red lip, it's like the law. The Rimmel lipsticks from Kate Moss have a great formula and are really true to their colour. 01 is a classic red Hollywood shade, which makes you look super glamorous.

17 Lasting Fix Lipstick in Pink Power. Personally, I think bright and bold just works during the holiday season. Some people aren't a fan of a red lip and feel more comfortable in a pink shade. This lipstick from 17 is a great bright pink, that isn't too Barbie-esque. It also lasts forever and is less than a fiver!

Estee Lauder Pure Color in Fig. I'm not sure if they still do this particular shade, but it's basically a less in your face red. I like to wear these sorts of shades in the daytime as they give your makeup a little somethin-somethin, but you don't have to keep re-applying or worry that you look to done-up.

Miners Lip Colour in Mulled Wine. Such a Christmas appropriate name! This lipstick is a metallic-brown-bronze-kinda shade that I got in a Glossybox a while ago. I probably wouldn't pick it myself, but I really like the colour once applied. It's almost the best option if you don't want a nude lip or something too loud and bright either. I don't think this is easy to get hold of to be honest, but No7 have some great brown-nude shades too.

What are your go-to colours this season? Also, how hard is it to take this many photos of your own face?! The more I took the more psychotic or dead behind the eyes (sometimes a combo) I looked ha.


  1. The rimmel kate moss lippes are amazing! I love them, they're a great price too!


  2. Love all the colours, my fav is the mulled wine! ♡

  3. They all look really good on you! I think the Maybelline gloss is my favourite

  4. wow i love these colours, fig looks amazing,


  5. Looking gorgeous, love your jumper & sparklingly collar combo. 107 is definitely one of my favourite Christmas lipsticks!

  6. i love all the looks :) would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and on GFC both :) xx


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