Sunday, 29 December 2013

What I got for Christmas!

Hello you gorgeous bunch! Hope you all had brilliant festive fun celebrating with your family and friends. I've just about finished seeing all our family and friends and almost stopped eating every hour, so normality is getting closer.

I've been obsessed with everyone's 'What I got for Christmas' posts and videos. It's just really interesting to see what people came up with and add more things to your own wishlist! Here's a round up of the lovely treats I got this year...

These are the main beauty bits I received this year and I love all of them. My best friend and I actually got each other the same Liz Earle set because it was such a great price and we both really wanted it! Like most people I tried to use all of my new things on Christmas day and wear any new clothing items I had too, so I probably looked a little strange!

My boyfriends parents got me the amazing bag at the top from Biba (it's actually more purple than the picture), which was totally unexpected. I absolutely love it and changed all of my things over to it right away.

The diary and photo album are from Paperchase, who in my opinion make the cutest stationary, ever. See all the beauty here.

My sister was so cute this year, she got me the Woody Allen complete collection and the hazlenut syrup as Woody Allen and Hazlenut hot chocolates are my favorite. The DVD collection was missing my fav film 'Midnight in Paris', so she added that seperately. What a babe.

Coolest make up bag ever? Uh-huhhhh.

OK, so I went on to my parents about these frames from NOTHS for ages before Christmas and my amazing Auntie and Uncle got me this huge one. I absolutely love it and have filled it with a few photos and tickets from 2013.

Can you get over-the-top excited about plastic drawers? Yes, yes you can! I have two sets on Muji drawers, yay! I knew I was getting these because I told my Dad to get them during Muji's 20% off event before Christmas, but the excitement of neat organized makeup hasn't worn off yet. (I got two of these ones)

These two heart boxes are from Laura Ashley and a gift from another Aunt. They are so me and perfect for housing some of my Yankee Candle tea light thingys.

My boyfriend and I had a £30 budget because we are moving in together and want to save some money. This meant we had to get a little creative, so part of my gift from Alex was a HUGE box of sweeties and then he made me a massage kit, complete with hot rocks and incense.  

I also got some money, loads of chocolate and some other great little stocking fillers. I was totally spoilt and feel very lucky to have such amazing family and friends. I am now at the stage of trying to re-arrange my room for all my new gifts! 

If you have a Christmas gift post, leave me your link as I love to read them :)


  1. Looks like you got some lovely stuff, eeek!


  2. The Liz Earle set looks amazing, I love their make up! You got such lovely gifts :) xx

  3. You got some really love things! That Biba bag is super cute. xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  4. Lovely presents. The massage kit was so thoughtful!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  5. Lovely presents, it' so exciting to get storage though the best part is filling them up :)

  6. nice ,pretty stuff :)


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