Tuesday, 5 March 2013

#TreatTuesday No.5

#TreatTuesday is here again! I’ve been a bit MIA on the #TreatTuesday posts recently because I have been really busy at work and doing some freelance shizzle (see here). On top of those excuses I actually got a little bit poor (just a little), I hadn’t realised how much I was spending and then there was Valentines, Papa Carl’s birthday and Mother’s day etc too – TGFIASM (thank god February is a short month! Not as catchy as TGIF I will admit).
Onto the treats, I have some fashion finds and of course beauty buys to run by y’all.
Orange blouse – Forever21
Shirt with car print – NastyGal
Crochet Jumper – Never Fully Dressed
Gold gangsta Chain – H&M
The clothes are all screaming SUMMER a little bit, so I have been teaming them with some chunky knits and tailored jackets because despite the sunshine making an appearance, it’s not quite warm enough not to. If you read my blog, you will know that I love Never Fully Dressed a lot (here) they make some seriously cool stuff and they just have the best team ever working there, which is so important with an online shop.

The car shirt is part of a disaster of a first order from NastyGal, like NFD their customer service is really good and I was more than happy with the communication. However, the other three items were not so great and I had to pay a customs charge of £20 to collect it which I wasn’t expecting. I’m also having a bit of trouble sending them the package back, has anyone else from team GB had these problems?

Forever21 have some amazing shirts in at the moment and this one just happened to catch my eye. It’s an amazing colour and the quality is also really good considering it was pretty cheap. I think I mentioned it here, but I am looking to stock up on a few neon shirts on my next visit to the wonderful city of Birmingham.

They see me rollin, they hatin! This H&M chain is pretty gangsta, but it looks seriously cool with a girly blouse or dress. I am loving the statement necklaces that are out at the moment and H&M have some of the best on the high street in my opinion.
I picked up the Max Factor Smooth Effect foundation in 'Buff Beige' pretty swiftly today because it's one I have used many times and I like the finish. I don't know about you guys, but I like to have a few foundation options because I go through phases where I suddenly think 'Woah you are orange or too pale etc"
I've seen loads of great things about Lee Stafford products recently, so thought I would give the Hair Growth Treatment a try. I feel like I need to give my blonde locks a good treatment once a week and the packaging does say 'for hair that doesn't grow past that certain length' which is so me. Also, it smells ah-maze!
My hand is always so creepy!
Finally, (pretty big bunch of treats!) I picked up a Glamour mag where I got a free bottle of Percy & Reed 'Quite frankly flawless finishing polish' which I am excited to use on my hair properly (it also smells insane and has such cute packaging) and the Boots magazine, which I love. I haven't bought a mag for ages actually, so this is a definite treat.
What have you all been buying this week? Any other members of the #TreatTuesday club willing to come forward? (Don't worry this is a safe place haha)


  1. I haven't bought anything this week as I'm saving as much as I can for IMATS in june- however I'm quite jealous of your new nasty gal blouse! xx

    January Girl ♥ Nails Inc + Eylure Giveaway ♥

    1. Saving for something good tho! Haha thanks, i thought it was pretty cool xx

  2. i bought a topshop bag on ebay and thats about it.
    i miss spending, but i really want to drive, so id rather spend it on lessons *sigh*

    I have an International group giveaway running with a $170 cash prize! Check it out >>Here<<

    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. I love it when you get something amazing on ebay though! I know what you mean with driving lessons, they cost so much money now. I do not want to think about the amount I spent! (took me 3 times to pass - shhh) good luck x

  3. Reading your blog is so nice specially in the morning.. You are so positive, I love it.

    Raquel C.


    1. Aw thank you so much, thats so sweet! Have a great day :) xo

  4. Ooh loving those shirts you found. We also can't help but indulge ourselves in a few magazines occasionally! Thanks for sharing! M&K at brewedtogether.com

  5. Love your Blog Emmy xx Grents.

  6. Love the finishing polish so much xo


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