Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lusting After...

Lusting After...

Heart Shirt - Marks & Spencer
Handbag - Michael Kors
Coat - Marks & Spencer
Watch - Marc Jacobs
Boots - Monki at ASOS

Bit of a monochrome lust list huh? I'm so into the dark wintery colours and knits now and monochrome is an easy way to look classy and suitable for many occasions. 

How gorgeous is this shirt from Marks and Spencer? It's got that Harry Styles Burberry vibe, but without the price tag (and the Harry - boo!). I think it would look amazing with leggings or jeans and also with a baggy knit thrown over too. 

I've had my eyes on a Michael Kors bag for a while now. I get more and more tempted every time I see them and think I might be using my Christmas bonus towards one...watch this space!

Ahhhh, this coat. On the site it looks a bit grannified, but I have a feeling it would look very Zara in real life. This and the shirt, mean a trip to Marks & Sparks is so on the cards this week. 

Watches are forever in my lust lists! Last time, I featured the beautiful Olivia Burton watch, which is the one I will probably get. However, this watch from Marc Jacobs is a beast! I love the black and gold and with this monochrome look it would be perfect. 

I really like these boots, but they have sold out! They were only £35, so I can see why to be fair. I've linked up another pair that are similar from ASOS. I really like Chelsea boots and just boots in general for the winter, but as I have two new pairs already....I think I need to calm down. 

What's on your lust list lately? Link me up!


  1. Absolutely love those boots, gorgeous watch too! x


  2. You have such an adorable blog, and have great taste in shoes (I love those boots too)!


  3. haha you're definitely feeling very black and white! and i love the heart printed shirt the most- how sweet :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. Oh that michel kors bag is also what I am lusting after. My plan is to save my christmas money and then go and get it, or who knows maybe it will land under the tree for christmas!!


  5. loving your blog. New follower !

    1. Thanks Mel, still makes me smile every new follower! x

  6. ahh the coat is so cute!!

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    1. I know and i was really surprised to see it was M&S, they are doing well this season (she says whilst wearing a jumper from there!)


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