Friday, 8 November 2013

October Favorites

It's the beginning of November, which of course means a bunch of new favorites! I've actually been loving quite a few new things of late, which is bad because I'm always suppose to be on a spending ban. 

17 BB Blemish Balm 
I've been using this practically all month and I really like it. It has a thicker coverage than other bb creams I have used in the past, so more like a lightweight foundation. It is quite a sticky formula, which doesn't sound like a good thing but because I have oily skin I kinda think this makes it stick a bit longer than thinner more liquidy formulas. It's also really affordable, so when your having a skint month it's a great in between before you splurge on a higher end foundation. 

Bumble & Bumble Dry Spun Thickening Spray 
I know you're all probably sick of seeing this on everyone's blogs, but hear me out because I actually thought it was a bit shit when I first got it. First off, its quite expensive for what is essentially a posh hair spray/dry shampoo and when I sprayed it in my hair it just looked a bit messy and not as big as I was expecting. However, being the trooper that I am I persevered and have now realized that if I spray it at the roots and then get a bit of a back comb on it does make my hair look a lot fuller. You have to spend a bit of time working on your hair to get it looking good and that's something I'm bad at! It's me, not you bumble and bumble. 

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder
I did a post about the new Soap & Glory purchases I made here. I decided to get a new powder because my usual Rimmel stay matte was going a little cakey. I absolutely love this powder. It's so finely milled and goes on the face like a light silky layer making it perfect for anyone who needs a little powder or a lot without it sitting on the top of your make up. Seriously impressed! 

Soap & Glory About Prime Eye Primer
Another Soap & Glory product that has really impressed me! I've been using this all month and then the other day I skipped it in my makeup routine and not joking my eyeshadow was creased and barely there. This is particularly great for cream eye shadows like my favorite Maybelline colour tattoos and the illuminating colour (shade, Bright Light) really brightens the eye area too. 

Nivea Powerfruit Refresh Shower Gel
This smells so good. So, so good! I don't get excited about too many shower gels to be fair, but this seriously smells amazing. When I'm sleepy and considering running away to another country so I don't have to go to work, this really wakes me up and makes me feel ready to go. It's a great smell for the autumn, especially if you have been using lots of summery scents up until now and you want something invigorating but in a comforting winter way. I don't actually know what any of that waffle means, but it smells good so buy it. 

17 Trio Eyeshadow in Enchanted Smoke
3 for 2 in Boots got me again. I was instantly drawn to this eyeshadow trio because its so unusual. It has metallic shades that remind me of those metallic pearlescent nail varnishes, but its for your eyes! (obviously) It's perfect if you want to look like you've spent a bit of time creating an eyeshadow look, but you only have 10mins to wrestle your cats and get out of the house. There's a lot of depth to the colors, I love using the pearly purple colour and then popping the dark purple in the crease for some added definition.

Spotify premium
Random fav! I signed up to this about two months ago and I think it's great. I've always had spotify, but only the free version on my laptop. I got this after my boyfriend recommend that I did when he realized my iPod was not only rocking 90s tunes, but was probably last updated when the spice girls were on tour (the first time round). I'm a busy person and it sounds silly but I don't have the time to find and download music, so this is perfect for me. You can discover new music, create playlists and download full albums all for just £10 a month. If you're a busy bee I would recommend getting spotify on your phone. 

Woah, long post! Sorry guys, hopefully it was worth a read...


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  2. that bb cream sounds lovely, will have to check it out! :p


  3. A love the bumble and bumble spray & the powder :) written about both of the recently! Love the sound of the eye primer! It's something that I always miss from my routine xx


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