Monday, 4 November 2013

VIVO Bakery

This weekend, I made my way to London to meet my uni friends Jess, Fran and Ali.

After a marathon catch up that was accompanied by prosecco, Asian food, cutting shapes on the dance floor and an early morning chocolate raid (thanks to Fran's mums well equip cupboards). We were well in need of a lye in and some killer food come Sunday. After chatting some more (and some more) we finally left the house and went to VIVO bakery in Islington, where we indulged until we had to depart each others company for the dreaded train journeys home. But what did we indulge in? Oh take a look...

We started our session with some pizza and pasta where I plumped for a vegetarian slice with huge aubergines and an incredible mozzarella and pesto pasta. The pesto pasta was packed with chunks of mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes and made me reconsider all my future lunches. We accompanied our rather filling lunch with coffees (a hot chocolate for me!) and some beautiful pastries. Can pudding be beautiful? Yes.

After the Italian feast was complete, we wandered into the cold (hat and gloves weather now!) and onto the tubes. 

Til next time London. 


  1. oh this post made me hungry ahaha and the hot chocolate looks amaze!!

    Emma from

    1. haha it was so good! I should have put a warning *do not read when hungry!*

  2. My tummy is very talkative right now.

    Andreea |

  3. yum this looks delicious...suddenly very hungry now!


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