Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Recently Bought #2

I've been buying a few things over the last few weeks (naughty) and thought I would give a run down on the beauty buys I have picked up. Yep, I have bought some clothes too. I will feature those in a separate post, coming soon! So, let's get to it...

I picked up some more Real Techniques brushes because I think they are amazing and not too expensive. It was 3for2 (again), so that also saved me some money. Unfortunately, they didn't have all the ones I wanted, so I decided to pick up this set of Models Own brushes. I needed a few more eyeshadow brushes and this set has quite a few in there, which appear to be very soft. 

Next up, I got this Kalme Cream Cleanser* which I have been enjoying as an addition to my usual skincare routine. I don't use it to take off all my makeup because I'm not a fan of cream cleanser, as you need quite a lot - well, I do! I've been using it after my L'Oreal Micellar Water and before my toner to calm my skin and reduce redness and it feels lovely.

I also picked up Natural Collection's Peach Melba blush, which is one of my favorite blushers. It's a gorgeous colour, especially for the winter and it's only £1.99. The eyeliner is Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude  which I got as an alternative to white. I have quite big eyes and they get a little red, but I find white eyeliner in the daytime can be a bit over the top. This is a great alternative!

I was also given this Lipsy London Glam Fragrance* which I have really been enjoying. The 50ml is perfect for your handbag and only £18, a great stocking filler. I can't describe fragrances well, so follow the link and have a read or even better, have a sniff next time you are in the beauty halls. 

Finally, I picked up an essie duo and apricot cuticle oil which I did I full post on here.

What have you all been buying lately?

*I get a few things free here and there because I write for the beauty website London Beauty Hub


  1. some nice treats you have there :) I want to try the Essie apricot oil my nails are a mess just now. lovely post xxx


    1. I recommend! I have been putting in on my toe nails after removing shellac varnish and it's really helped! x

  2. That fragrance bottle is gorgeous!

    I nominated you for The Sunshine Award :)


  3. Those Essie shades are so nice! :) I love Essie polishes..
    Also hoping to get some Real Techniques brushes for xmas :D
    Now following you on bloglovin. xx



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