Saturday, 10 November 2012

Class of 2012

Its been a busy few days! It was my graduation on Wednesday, so we travelled down to Bournemouth on the Tuesday night and stayed in a 'hotel'. I say 'hotel' because it was a bit retro and it was run by this man who was completely bald, but had THE most amount of back/neck hair I have ever seen (truly bizarre).

The graduation ceremony was really official, but it was great. The walking across the stage part was sooo nerve racking! I basically forgot to bow to the 'high chancellor god of the realms of bournemouth' or whatever he was called and sort of nodded at him like 'Alright mate?' which was a bit embarrassing, but i didn't fall which was a bonus! There were some great names at the ceremony, including 'Woo Woo' (sounded like the lady announcing the names was cheering for the previous graduate when she said it), 'John Wayne' and the best.... 'Prince Baby' not kidding.

After the ceremony, there was champagne and canapes plus a lot of photo taking. My dad insisted on taking me on some kind of beach photo shoot which was hilarious. We then headed to London (where my dad works) to have some cocktails and food at this amazing Mexican place called Wahaca at the Westfield shopping centre. Overall - great day.


  1. Nothing is better than celebrating at the beach! You look adorable in your cap and gown--congratulations!!

    Loving your blog,
    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. It was suprising it was sunny in england! Thanks for your comment, so sweet. I will deffo check out your blog x

  3. nice pics :) visit our blog ;)

  4. congrats! you look wonderful :)



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