Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Life by Carl: Vol 1

As this blog encompasses my life, one big aspect of my life is my family. My dad is called Carl and he recently moved to London after accepting a job there, which has since led to a series of funny stories and ‘daily errors’ that he relays to me. The best way I can describe my dad is he is pretty similar to Chandler off 'friends', so in my eyes he is pretty hilarious! When I have sorted my blog out a bit more I intend to have a section called 'Life by Carl' which will be a series of stories about my dad's mishaps (I say stories, this is actually what happens to him). Hope you enjoy and laugh at/with him as much as i do!

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First Day.
The first day of work is always a daunting one full of nerves and excitement as you begin a new journey. After spending months trying to find a flat in London that was close enough to the tube, but easy enough to drive back to the Midlands, Carl was finally ready for his first day of work...
Skipping back to the Saturday, Carl had his last game of tennis at the tennis club before he bid his friends farewell and headed to the city. Obviously wanting to make a lasting impression he decided to lunge about on the court (channelling his inner Andy Murray) and managed to pull/tear a ligament in his leg leaving him to have to be picked up by Liza, his wife.
Monday has arrived. Cleverly, Carl set his alarm to give himself an extra hour to get to the office so he could grab a coffee and prepare himself. The day started well, his leg was hurting but he made it to the tube station grabbed a copy of the metro and began the commute. The tube stopped. Silence. About ten minutes later a voice came on the tannoy system telling the passengers that someone had jumped onto the track and the train would be stationary for the next ten minutes before they can reach the next station and everyone can change lines - nightmare.
Panic has set in slightly at this point, but Carl is quite a cool character so he doesn't get too worked up and finds the next tube train with ease. Well, so he thought...he manages to get on the wrong side of the platform taking him ten minutes in the opposite direction, panic? Check!
If anyone hasn't got the tube, no matter what the weather or time of year if you get it during rush hour it's hot and unpleasant at the best of times, so heading in the opposite direction to where you need to be on day one + lots of sweaty people + dragging your own limb = bad times.
Realising his mistake, Carl corrects it and manages to hurl himself through the doors at the office at 8.59 hair dishevelled and dragging his broken leg behind him.
"Carl! Did you get here OK this morning?"
"Yeah, no problem at all."


  1. hahaha aww no, that sounds like the worst beginning of the first day EVER. i can't believe you pulled his leg! and i totally got on the wrong side of tracks more than one time, and i know how quickly you can start seeing red. haha at least he made it in in the nick of time!

  2. It wasn't a great start, the later stories I will put up haven't really improved to be honest! He does always laugh about them though, so I don't feel too bad sharing them on here... Love your blog name by the way and your style is so cool, I'd love to find that many vintage pieces that looked that good x


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