Monday, 26 November 2012

November's GLOSSYBOX

Happy gift to me, happy gift to me! It is literally like getting a present every month as you kind of forget its coming and then BAM some little beauty treats arrive. This is what November's GLOSSYBOX had to offer...

DR.JART+ 'Water Fuse Beauty Balm'
This BB cream is a cult product over in Korea at the moment, which happens to be the country my 19yr old sister has been obsessed with for as long as I can remember. She knows everything there is to know about the Korean culture, music, lifestyle, clothing and beauty products, so I am 100% getting her to test run this BB cream for me as she is a) dying to and b) practically an expert - I will let you know her verdict! 

Burberry 'Burberry Body Eau de Parfum' 
Cutest glass bottle/bullet award ever. This is like a little dose of luxury, which I love. The scent is best described as 'classic', it has a subtle floral smell that isn't overpowring which I think will suit everyone. The packaging has the perfect beige colour with rose gold print, which totally compliments their branding and the classic scent of the perfume. I tried to find out whether it was 100% recycled material and apparently it has been made to be completely eco-friendly which is a bonus (also shows that you can be conscious yet classy with your designs, so top points). Despite it being far too adorable to use this will deffo be a welcome addition to my handbag.

Alison Claire Natural Beauty 'Mango Body Butter' 
I love the smell of mango in body butters, so I was really excited to try this. The packaging is great as it has a pump action so you don't end up using too much, which can be an error with body butter when you end up spending an hour rubbing it in due to accidental overload. I have used this since getting it and I have to say although it was a good cream it just wasn't mango-ey enough! I don't know if others will disagree, but if you have used The Body Shop's body butter in Mango before then this one doesn't quite impress. 

Nails Inc 'Kensington Caviar Top Coat' 
Smallest bottle ever! I'm a fan of nails inc and I know you shouldn't like something more because of the names or packaging, but they do name their nail varnishes really cool names. I have tried this top coat and it seems to be a good-un, it dries really quick and top coats are always great to have - thumbs up! 

Dermalogica 'Daily Microfoliant' 
If it's good enough for the models, then its good enough for me! A models favorite according to GLOSSYBOX that promises to leave your skin smoother and brighter. It's a bit like talcum powder that turns into a paste/foam when you put water on it - crazy! I used it the other day and I have to say my face did seem brighter and a lot smoother, so they haven't lied there. It also has a really fresh baby clean type smell which I personally like (not that I go around sniffing people's babies...). A lot of my friends say I have really nice skin with small pores, so as an added bonus to this post I will share a few skin secrets with you... 

1) Keep whatever skin exfoliator and/or cream you are using in the shower, your pores are then opened by the hot water making sure you get a good clean
2) Don't clean your face every day. Some people are probably like 'Whaaaaaaat' but I strongly believe that your skin needs to find its own balance of oils and whatever else it does and I think its good for your skin to deal with dirt and grime on its own to build up its own defenses. Too many chemicals and products are not good, so rest your skin every other day! 
3) Always remove your make up before bed. I like to remove mine with a face wipe and then use a cleanser to get rid of the extra make up that's left (this is because I'm lazy and I can't always be bothered to put cleanser on those little cotton wool pads - life's too short for cotton wool pads!)

Think that's it. Overall, November's GLOSSYBOX was pleasing - let me know what you thought if you are signed up or if you are thinking of signing up then check back here each month to see what you could get your mitts on.

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