Thursday, 22 November 2012

October GLOSSYBOX review

Ok, so I have finally had time to test the products out from my October GLOSSYBOX and can share my verdict with you all. If you want to see the products then click to view my post here

Anatomicals 'Don't just clean it woman, scrub it body scrub'
I liked this scrub a lot, it has a nice smell and it's a great gentle exfoliator that you could use on a daily basis. I would use this as an everyday shower gel and something with more of a sea salt scrub for better exfoliation every 2ish weeks.

Yves Rocher France 'Instant Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser - HYDRA VEGETAL'
Well, i know look 12 years old thanks to this anti-wrinkle cream! Just kidding, but I do really like it as an everyday moisturiser before bedtime. It smells really fresh and clean and you don't need to much to get good coverage, I would purchase this in the future.
Skinetica 'Anti-Blemish'
My spots did seem to reduce quite a lot after 2-3 days which was sooo good as I had my graduation, so I can fault it in that respect. The only downside is it kind of smells a bit funky, but that doesn't put me off.

The Organic Pharmacy 'Enzyme Peel Mask with Vitamin C & Papaya'
I have only managed to use this once since getting it and I do really like it, but £49 for the real deal...nahhh.

Sally Hansen 'Complete Salon Manicure'
I got a bit of a random colour to be honest, it came out like a grey-ish-black that wasn't the best, but it seemed to last quite well. Think I may need to use this a few more times - still not convinced!

Hope that helps anyone thinking of making these purchases! Let me know what you thought of the same products if you have used them, are you a GLOSSYBOX fan?

Love & kisses, Emmy x


  1. Great reviews :) you can buy the Anatomicals range in Tesco now, surprisingly! They used to sell it at Asos, they still do sell some bits :) it's very affordable x

  2. Nice! Thanks for letting me know, I was wondering where to find them as you don't see them knocking about that often on the highstreet. Reallllly like your blog by the way, I will be keeping up to date with you for def x


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