Saturday, 14 September 2013

Lusting After

Lusting After

Olivia Burton Watch
Zara Bag
Rimmel 1000 Kisses
ASOS Fazed Gladiator Sandles
Diptyque Roses Candle

Lust lists are so dangerous aren't they? *cuts up card* So, what's caught my eye recently...First up, this watch by Olivia Burton is just so gorgeous and I think it's just as nice as Mr Daniel Wellington's watches, but quite a lot cheaper, so I'm pretty sure I'll be getting one very soon.

Shut-the-front-door how much does that bag from Zara rock? It's only £30 and I think it looks so expensive (there's a theme of me trying to get things that look more expensive here). I love the pale blue and gold detailing, the perfect accessory for both day and eve. 

Obviously, I have a beauty product in there and this happens to be my current favorite lip stain stolen from my younger sister. I've 'borrowed' the shade 'Endless Blossom' and it's just the perfect light pink that's not too in your face. It also lasts all day and the balm on the one end is great for stopping your lips from chapping.

Don't judge me, I have sandals on my list and all it's been doing is raining here in England of late. These are actually sold out on ASOS, which is pretty annoying. I don't know if anyone else is like me, but finding shoes to fit is an absolute nightmare, so I always have shoes until they are falling apart on my feet cause shoe shopping is so traumatic. Peep-toes are a lifesaver for me and my 6 and a bit sized feet!

When I was in London a while ago, I hopped into Liberty and some dreamy french salesman at the Diptyque stand made me sniff a load of candles. I know the Diptyque candles have loads of hype around them, but I genuinely think it's well deserved as they smell unbelievable. I love the Roses one, just wish they were cheaper!

What's on your recent lust list? Have any of the above taken your fancy too?


  1. Just came across your blog by complete chance and I LOVE it! Deff. your newest follower! Can't wait to start reading your posts! And I need to try out this lip stain! I've been looking for a good one lately and non have impressed thus far! xoxo

  2. wow that watch looks amazing. I've adored my Michael Kors for so long and haven't really seen a watch that I've liked as much until now. I'm definitely going to be looking into Olivia Burton- I've never heard of her before! The Zara bag is also gorgeous!

    Great post :)

    Holly xxx

  3. I really want to get my hands on a Diptyque candle, the rose one smells incredible!

    B xx

  4. Zara has the best bags right now! I just bought one recently too!

    Should we follow each other on bloglovin? Im already following you.


  5. Lovely list! I've had my eye on this diptyque candle for a while!

    your blog is gorgeous, i'm a new follower :)

  6. That Zara bag is GORGEOUS! :) xx


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