Thursday, 19 September 2013

Review: Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning for Face and décolleté


I just kept thinking my décolleté could be more bronzed. I joke, of course! I did in fact get this because even when my face gets some sunshine, like most girls it's still pretty white in comparison to the rest of my body (I'm sure most of you will agree that's not a great look, i hope ha). So, on one of my many days watching youtube clips (every day...), the gorgeous Vivianna from viviannadoesmakeup mentioned the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tan and I was immediately sold! But what's so great huh? Read on my friends...

1. The consistency - It's a very light milky texture, a bit like the a cream cleanser. I think this is perfect for your face because it's such delicate skin and also it just feels vile when you have a sticky one on there that retains your body's heat, ew.

2. The smell - It doesn't smell bad at all. Well, I don't think so anyway! It doesn't have that horrible weird biscuit smell and because it's light it sinks in quickly too.

3. It lasts - £18 is a little pricey, especially if you're a student/school age/jobless, I know that would have definitely put me off when I was at University! However, a little goes a long way and since buying this at the start of the summer I still have well over half a bottle left - amazing.

4. No orange hands - I'm not kidding, you can put this on with your BARE HANDS people. Just wash them after and you are good to go with no oompa loompa hands in sight.

5. The colour - It's a great natural colour for most skin tones I would say. It's been made specifically for fair skin, so there's no worry about waking up like this, plus if you like to be especially bronzed you can layer up during the week.

Have any of you guys got this or any other Clarins products? I'm after recommendations!


  1. ive heard so much about this, really want to try it although it is a bit pricey! it's my birthday on monday though so i will put it on my wishlist ;)

  2. You're totally right, it doesn't tango your face, in fact I find it just alters my skin tone to be a bit more golden than pink. It smells divine, don't you think? Annie.x


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