Friday, 18 October 2013

American Girls.

Jacket - H&M
Jeans - Topshop Leigh
Shirt - H&M (old)
Scarf - Gift from Italy
Shoes - Gordon Scott
Bracelet - Miss Selfridg
Ring - Primark

I've finally decided to post an outfit of the day here, despite the fact that I don't really consider myself particularly fashion forward. I've been wearing some of the new pieces I bought in this haul quite a lot recently and I thought it was probably good to showcase them in action. 

This blazer from H&M only cost me £30 and I have definitely already got the moneys worth out of it. I've had loads of compliments too and have been able to wear it in the day like this and in the evening too, so it's become a very staple item. I got the shirt quite a while ago too and again, I have 100% got my moneys worth by being able to wear it in the day and evening too. 

These jeggings/jeans from Topshop are my favorites and I keep thinking I need to get some other pairs. I have practically the same pair from Zara, but they go so baggy after being in the wash. These babies however never seem to change at all, totally recommend. 

My shoes are like slightly platformed loafers by Gordon Scott and oh my gawd are they comfortable. They also look really 'cool' with pretty much everything too. I decided to invest in a pair of shoes because I was getting a bit tired of feeling like I was walking barefoot everywhere with all the thin soled cheap options available on the high street. 

Now, I don't know about anybody else, but since the weather has got colder I think I have subconsciously been munching my way toward a 'winter coat' without realizing. In a bid to get my thighs a bit smaller I have been doing these Youtube videos (ok, once so far) by Tiffany Rothe with my sister (personal fav here). On top of this, one of my colleagues has given me the Insanity Workout on DVD (if you don't know what it is click here), which i'm thinking of giving a go, but i'm scared ha! Has anyone tried it?!

Finally, I rediscovered Counting Crows this afternoon and started listening to their Hard Candy album. I used to listen to American Girls on repeat when I was younger, but haven't thought about the song in years. Good old bit of nostalgia on a Friday!


  1. Great look, love your blazer! Haha I've also got that 'winter coat' I need to head to the gym!! Xx

    H @ Higher&Haya

    1. Thank you! Love your blog btw :) x

  2. love the outfit!

    Emma from

    1. Thanks! Your latest outfit is really cute x

  3. wow You look great with this outfil!!!
    I love the jacket ans the scarf ;-)

    1. Thank you :D wasn't sure how this outfit post would go down! x

  4. I have these Topshop jeans too and love the acid wash effect and also how comfortable these are x

  5. love the shoes! and i think i'd get my money's worth out of that blazer as well it's so nice! also i'm following you now! and i'd love it if you checked out my blog too!

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  6. You look so nice here! Absolutely love that jacket!

    It would be great if we could follow each other!

    I am now following you on GFC and would love for you to follow me back!!





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