Saturday, 5 October 2013

Recently Bought #1

I have a shopping addiction. Admitting a problem is the first stage of recovery right? I feel better already! I've been shopping in Birmingham and Worcester recently and thought it would make a good blog post if I showed y'all what I had been splashing my cash on. I love reading other peoples hauls and seeing their recent purchases, so hopefully this will be enjoyable, although I don't think I'm particularly fashionable....

Ralph Lauren Check & Faux Fur Coat - Tkmaxx
Leather Sleeve Blazer - H&M

Let's just talk about this coat for a minute, cause I'm in love. Some of you will have seen me post this on my Instagram already. I got in in Birmingham last weekend from Tkmaxx for £79.99 instead of £299.99, now that's a bargain! It's so on trend with the checks and fur and is kinda making me look forward to those freezing cold days. Next up is this blazer from H&M, which looks a but shit in my photo, but it's so nice in real life! I've had lots of compliments and it only cost me £30, which I think is really good for how expensive it looks. 


Cat Dress - H&M
Basic Top - H&M 

This dress is brilliant. I got this in the H&M sale for £7 i think and it looks really good with some black boots for the A/W. We have a causal dress code at work, so anything that's easy to throw on at 7:30 in the morning is a winner for me. I also got this basic top and one in grey from H&M. I really like these tops, they are only £7 and they feel so soft and are the perfect length for throwing over leggings. H&M are doing a conscious fashion scheme at the moment where you can get £5 off when you spend £30 if you donate a carrier bag of old clothes and/or material (click here for more details), makes me feel better about buying more!

White shirt - Primark
Fluro Cardigan - ASOS

I'm such a sucker for a shirt. All my friends will tell you that my shirt collection is a little ridiculous! I got this one and a grey-ish one from Primark to tuck into shorts and shirts (it's a little too short for leggings) and for £8 (i think), you can't go too wrong. This cardigan is from ASOS, I saw it on a few blogs and it's so cute. It's a blazer style, so it really dresses up your daytime outfit without being too OTT. 


I splurged £85 to get a decent pair of shoes from Jones rather than more shitty ones that are too flat. They look a bit weird in this picture because they are suede, but I assure you they are lovely and black. I also picked up some little pop socks from Primark for these shoes and my vans, as they are too low to wear normal socks. 

Coat hangers - Primark 

Ok, so this might be random until you see this post from Miss Budget Beauty and then you will understand why I needed these. I got like 4 packs of 10 and I definitely recommend - it's amazing how much space I have in my wardrobe now. 

Loreal EverRiche Shampoo & Conditioner - Boots 

This is on offer in Boots at the moment, so I decided to get some for when my current shampoo and conditioner runs out. I've seen this collection getting a lot of love on other blogs, so I'm interested to see if they live up to the hype. if you're keen to try them out, it's two for £12 in Boots at the mo!

Room Diffusers - H&M

I never realized how expensive these things can be before, so I've been waiting for some to come on a deal or something as I don't really want to pay too much money ha. H&M have some really nice smelling ones in the sale for £4 each at the moment, so I decided to snap up the cotton flower and pure vanilla ones.

If you guys like these kinds of posts, let me know in the comment box as I might make them more regular. It's not hard, as I'm always buying something - oops!


  1. really want to try that l'oreal shampoo, love their range of products

    Emma -

  2. Oooh the check coat is gorgeous, love the fur collar!

  3. I love your style, it looks very elegant and chic! You've got some great items!

  4. The cat dress! Meowrrr!!

  5. I'm gonna have to try the ever riche range, I've heard so many people say they love it. Great haul xx

  6. Oh that coat is perfect!! I'm in love!

  7. I really liked your blog. You are such a beauty, and your posts are lovely reading! I love the fluro cardigan!

  8. Your ralph lauren coat looks so cosy and warm and perfect for autumn/winter x

  9. Love the h&m jacket is so gorgeous! :)


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