Thursday, 3 October 2013

Favorite Blogs

In honor of the Cosmopolitan blog awards and all the amazing winners/nominees (well done!) I thought it was high time that I mention some of the blogs that I love on here and why...

image from The Londoner

The everything blog. The Londoner is more than likely my favorite blog ever, as Rose just has everything covered that i love: burgers, travel, great hair, fashion, advice and more. I'm a bit obsessed with the blog to be honest (not proud of it) and the thought of it ever not being there makes me uneasy. Check it out here

 image from ViviannaDoesMakeup

 image from Lily Pebbles

The 'wish i was friends with them' blogs. I'm sounding potentially quite creepy in this post. Anna and Lily's blogs are two of my favorites for beauty and general lifestyle chat. I love their YouTube channels and I just always think they come across so well and fun. Lily actually tweeted me once and I got a little excited (def creepy now). Check out Anna's blog here and Lily's here.

image from I Covet Thee

The beauty guru blog. Alix at I Covet Thee has the best skin I have ever seen, fact. I adore this blog and i love, love, love her YouTube channel too. I think Alix's blog could be responsible for the majority of my Boots splurges, so be warned you will want to buy everything! Check out her blog here.

 image from Fashion Influx

image from LLYMLRS

The 'I wish I was cool' blogs. There's always those people in life you look at and think 'they are so cool'. It sounds lame, but it's true. Lydia and Lily are two bloggers that I think top the cool chart (un-coolest thing to say ever - check!). Lydia wears stuff I wouldn't ever think to wear and oozes that sexy-cool vibe and Lily always seems to be wearing the trend before I even knew it was one. Too cool for school, check out Lydia's blog here and Lily's here

image from a beautiful mess

The inspiration blog. Loads of blogs inspire me for different reasons, but the 'i want my house to look like that, I want to eat food like that and drink cocktails like that' blog has to be A Beautiful Mess. I log on and think 'I want everything on there, right now'. I think it's a great blog, have a look here.

The new favorite blog. Literally discovered this blog this week and I love it! Mags, is not only one of the coolest dressers going, but she is also hilarious (read the about me here, it cracked me up). The blog focuses on fashion that you don't really get on the high street, so if you are tired of seeing everyone in the same dress as you, it's a must read. Prepare to laugh out loud here

I could go on forever, but I wont! If you do visit this post, leave the link to your blog as I am always looking for new reads. 


  1. Gotta love The Londoner, no shame in being obsessed with that blog :)

    1. Deffo. She has the best hair ever too! X

  2. I did a photo shoot with Mags and she is just the coolest and the camera loves her!

    Fab post!

    1. Amazing! Yeah she is so photogenic, really loving her blog atm x


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